Toyota Platinum Etios Price in India 2023, Images, Review, Specs

Toyota Platinum Etios Price in India 2023 – The termed Etios belongs from the Greek word that is “Ethos” which means Soul, characters as well as thoughts. The variant car was propelled in December 2023 and hatchback rendition was propelled in June 2023.

Toyota Platinum Etios Price in India 2023

Toyota Platinum Etios Price in India 2023

The subcompact of Toyota Etios vehicle which comprises a line of four-entryway called the car and five entryway hatchback which is created by the Japanese automaker Toyota. The car form and hatchback adaptation were propelled consecutive. The Etios is base called EFC stage.

The Toyota made an Etios vehicle in 2023 and in May 2023, the Etios arrangement made the turn more than 100,000 for each unit in India.

Toyota Platinum Etios

Another try for finding the more practical spacious family sedan, is Toyota Platinum Etios. It was refreshed in India in the year of 2023 with the modification of the Interior and the exterior of the model.

This time, Toyota wants to make more impressive model. They improved the appearances of the model which makes it attractive. after a lot of researches and taking valuable feedback for the loyal customers, they added the safety features to make is compatible and now it meets the standard of local emission an also the safety norms.

In the commercial and fleet market, it will continuously be sold because of the best changes done during remodeling which looks more upmarket.

Interior and exterior of Toyota Platinum Etios:

The interior side of this model is slightly different than its predecessor. The seats of the captain are covered with the fabric and the dashboard is available in both colours as Black and beige.

The seats are supportive because they are adjustable by different ways which make the diver comfortable during the long-distance journey.

The cabin is designed as fully ergonomically and there are plenty storages are present in the front and second of the seat arrangement.

The glove box is remained with 13-liter capacity which is fairly deep. In the second row, the generous space is observed. The comfortable arm rests are nicely sculpted at the font door panels.

The foot panel is also available with generous amount of space as it accommodates with XL boot size. The windows of the car don’t down completely. But there is enough space to make anyone feel claustrophobic.

The light colour and airy cabin with the comfortable seats are available, which makes the car as good option for long distance journey.

Some cosmetic changes are done during modification such as new bumper of the front side with black and chrome accents, the V-Shaped grille is revised with black honeycomb insertion. Actually, the changes during the modification are the radical changes which makes this model is different from the ordinary models as the front end looks attractive.

The slight use of chrome added the plus of attraction of boomerang shaped accents which is nearer to the fog lamps. Also, the chrome lining is used at grille.

Safety features of Toyota Platinum Etios:

Across all the variants of this model and the body structure, it manufactured with fully safety convenient.

The whole-body structure is strengthened with the all key features. The ABS and EBD system is present in all variants. The Isofix mounting done at every trim at the seat of Childs.

The three-point seat belt is avaible at the middle row along with the adjustable headrest.

The most of missing parts of predecessor are added into the interior that means the door auto-lock feature, ORVM is electrically foldable and adjustable also, at the driver’s window one touch down function is available, the head rest and the driver seat is along with adjustments.

Colours of Toyota Platinum Etios:

The Toyota Platinum Etios is available in market with the following different colours as:

  • Vermilion Red
  • Harmony Beige
  • New Pearl Crystal White
  • Classic Grey
  • Silver Mica Metallic

Toyota Platinum Etios limited edition:

The Toyota Platinum Etios limited edition is introduces by Toyota Kirloskar Motors. It is available with VX trim along with both engines as petrol and diesel form. The petrol priced is Rs. 7.84 lakh and diesel priced is Rs. 8.94 lakh. It featured with new painted scheme, additional infotainment and dual tone upholstery.

The EMI calculation of Toyota Platinum Etios VXD limited edition:

  • The ex-showroom price is Rs. 9, 13,400 lakh.
  • Region transport office charges (RTO) is Rs. 79,923.
  • Insurance – Rs. 50,883
  • Other (Number plate charges and some other charges) – Rs. 7,251.
  • Total on road price is Rs. 10, 51,456.
  • So, the EMI per month is – Rs. 21,184.

CNG in Toyota Platinum Etios:

In current market, the Toyota Platinum Etios vehicle is not available with the CNG engine but if you to fit you can. You can use two types of CNG kits such as Conventional which is available with open or closed loop and the second kit is Sequential CNG kit.

Reasons to choose Toyota Platinum Etios:

The unbeatable vehicle features

  • Standardized dual front airbags
  • Best spacious cabin
  • The best space in foot space
  • Cooled glove box
  • Standardized antilock braking system
  • Multidirectional ventilation in air conditioner
  • Child safety lock
  • Adjustable rear seat of car

Unbeatable driver advantages

  • Fuel efficiency – high
  • Maintenance cost – low
  • High reliability
  • Superior handling

The roadside assistance for 24 hours by 7 days as recovery of lost keys, dead battery jump start, tyre issue services etc.

Competitor of Toyota Platinum Etios:

The Toyota Platinum Etios competes with following car companies in the entry of family car segments.

Mahindra –

The multination car manufacturing company which headquartered at Mumbai, India. It is the largest manufacturing of vehicle company and it also largest manufacturer of the Tractors. It was at 17th rank of the top companies by the Fortune 500 magazine records.

Talking about products, it has various sectors as automobile unit, commercial vehicles two wheelers too. More than 50, 000 employees are working in this company till date.

Tata Indigo Manza –

The production of supermini by Tata Motors, Indian manufacturer from 2002 to till is the Tata Indigo. The second generation of Tata Indigo released by Tata is known as Tata Indigo Manza.

It is the modification of first generation of vehicle in which the missing parts are added into the second generation. The generation car is subcompact car whereas the second one compact sized car.

The assembly of Tata Indigo Manza is available at Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Maruti Suzuki DZire –

The subcompact seden production of car from 2023 in Indianmarket is Maruti Suzuki Dzire. It is launched in 2023 which based on the second generation Swift. The development in this car done as Suzuki Swift hatchback.

The third generation of this model is called as Dzire.

Honda Amaze –

The production of the passenger car by Honda is known as Honda Amaze. It is launched in the year April, 2023. It was developed at Honda Research and development center which is located Bangkok, Thailand.

The first diesel engine operating vehicle is offered by Honda is Amaze. It is also available with the petrol engine.

The five speed manual and five speed transmission system is present this model of Honda. It is also known as Honda Brio Maraze.

Honda City –

The production of subcompact car by Honda, Japanese manufacturer in the year of 1981, is known as the Honda City.

The first generation of Honda is known as Honda Jazz. The second generation is designated with GA1 and GA2. The third generation is known as Honda City type Z. The fourth generation is Honda City ZX. The fifth generation Honda City S and the sixth generation is Honda Grace.

Toyota Innova –

The comfortable and excellent MPV for long distance journey is ‘Innova.’ It is spacious and comfortable for big family. It offers with two seating arrangement as middle row bench with eight-seater and seven-seater with captain seat in middle row.

The major facelifts on the inside and outside of Innova is done from last few years which results into the most luxurious car. But some customers don’t like this on because it a bit long in tooth and the performance and mileage of car is not enough satisfied.

Ford Fiesta –

The supermini which is marketed by Ford Company in the year of 1962 is Ford Fiesta. It is the seventh generation of ford car. The manufacturing of this model is done in various locations like as Germany, South Africa, Mexico, India, China, Spain, United Kingdom, and Brazil.

To stay shed of the competitors, the Toyota must work on the aesthetic appeal of the car as interior and exterior of its automobile. (Toyota Platinum Etios Price in India 2023)

The price of Toyota Platinum Etiosin India:

The price of variants of Toyota Platinum Etios is starting from Rs. 6.93 lakh to Rs. 8.06 lakh for petrol fuel engine cars. Whereas for Toyota Platinum Etios with diesel engine is ranging from Rs.8.03 lakh to Rs. 9.16 lakh.

Let’s look the price of all petrol and diesel variants of Toyota Platinum Etios:

  • Toyota Platinum EtiosG –
  • Transmission system – Manual.
  • Fuel type – Petrol.
  • Showroom price – Rs. 6.93 lakh.
  • Toyota Platinum EtiosV –
  • Transmission system – Manual.
  • Fuel type – Petrol.
  • Showroom price – Rs. 7.25 lakh.
  • Toyota Platinum Etios VX –
  • Transmission system – Manual.
  • Fuel type – Petrol.
  • Showroom price – Rs. 7.81 lakh.
  • Toyota Platinum EtiosVX Limited edition –
  • Transmission system – Manual.
  • Fuel type – Petrol.
  • Showroom price – Rs. 8.06 lakh.
  • Toyota Platinum EtiosGD –
  • Transmission system – Manual.
  • Fuel type – Diesel.
  • Showroom price – Rs. 8.06 lakh.
  • Toyota Platinum EtiosVD –
  • Transmission system – Manual.
  • Fuel type – Diesel.
  • Showroom price – Rs. 8.35 lakh.
  • Toyota Platinum EtiosVXD –
  • Transmission system – Manual.
  • Fuel type – Diesel.
  • Showroom price – Rs. 8.91 lakh.
  • Toyota Platinum EtiosVXD Limited Edition–
  • Transmission system – Manual.
  • Fuel type – Diesel.
  • Showroom price – Rs. 9.16 lakh.

If talking about the on-road prices of the car then lets glance through a on road prices with some top cities of India:

  • Mumbai – 8.33 lakh onwards
  • Bangalore – Rs. 8.72 lakh onwards
  • New Delhi – Rs.7.95 lakh onwards
  • Hyderabad – Rs. 8.29 lakh onwards
  • Chennai – Rs. 8.1 lakh onwards
  • Kolkata – Rs. 8.01 lakh onwards

The alternatives for Toyota Platinum Etios:

  • Toyota Etios cross – It is available in showrooms with price of Rs. 6.62 lakh onwards
  • Nissan Sunny – It is available in showrooms with price of Rs. 6.99 lakh onwards
  • Fiat Linea – It is available in showrooms with price of Rs. 7.19 lakh onwards
  • Skoda Rapid – It is available in showrooms with price of Rs. 7.19 lakh onwards
  • Toyota Glanza – It is available in showrooms with price of Rs. 7.28 lakh onwards
  • Toyota Etios Liva – It is available in showrooms with price of Rs. 6.62 lakh onwards

Service cost and maintenance cost:

For 6 years, the estimated maintenance cost for this model is around Rs. 18,196. The service will occur after the distance of 1000 km, second service after 10,000 km distance whereas the third service after 20,000 km is free of cost by showroom of car.

The price of spare part – Toyota Platinum Etios:

The total price of the Toyota Platinum Etios spare parts are calculated by addition of the GST percentage (28%) with authorized dealer prices as:

  • Front bumper – Rs. 2,944
  • Rear Bumper – Rs. 3,200
  • Hood or Bonnet – Rs. 6,120
  • Windshield glass, front – Rs. 4,608
  • Windshield glass, rear – Rs. 2,432
  • Left or right-side fender – Rs. 1,934
  • Head light – Rs. 3,982
  • Tail light – Rs.1, 958
  • Front door – Rs. 8,646
  • Rear door – Rs. 7,622
  • Back door – Rs. 6,484
  • LED head light – Rs. 74,240

Review of Customers:

For modification purpose, the company started taking the feedback of customers in which customers has to told their views about model, suggestions of customers are always welcome in this feedback.

Let’s look the reviews of customers of their online portal website:


  • The car model is economical to buy.
  • It is easy to maintain; the service and maintenance cost is low as per to other models.
  • Spacious cabin is available in car.


  • Average performance.
  • Poor quality of interiors.

Look of model is below average, the team has to work on stylish look of car model. (Toyota Platinum Etios Price in India 2023)

Toyota Platinum Etios Review

The launching

The launching of Toyota volcano was in Indonesia held on 11th March 2023 and was discontinued in October 2023. The Etios is updated three times, in March 2023 Novembe2014 and September 2023. There were the changes in in the font fascia interiors and taillamps.

Here are some contents of Etios as follows:

(1) Etios concept:

The Etios sedan with 1.5-litre petrol engine and Etios concept hatchback with the 1.2-litre petrol engine.

(2) Engines:

The petrol engine is made domestically at Toyota Kirloskar Auto elements (TKAP), Bidadi, Karnataka, India.

(T3) Etios pass:

The Etios cross version is based on the Liva which changed into launched in yr 2023.

(4) Safety:

The types Etios and Etios Liva released with an immobilizer ajar caution as general across all with Dual SRS airbags, ABS and EBD. The Etios has earned four -megastar protection rankings in Brazil.

(5) Flex Fuel:

The sedan and hatchback fashions offered in Brazil are built with a flexible gasoline engine optimised to run with Ethanol blends fromE20/E25.

(6) Motor transport:

Toyota India started a one-make racing series in India called Etios motor racing competition. The series started in 2023 and there were 3300 applicants participated. The 25 drivers competed in the main championship held in the latter half of 2023. Toyota would likely to continue the series in 2023.

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Specifications of Toyota Platinum Etios:

The Toyota Platinum Etios has the power of 1 diesel and 1 petrol engine on offer. The diesel engine contains of1364 cc while the petrol engine contains 1496 cc. It is with manual transmission.

Depends upon the variation and kind of gas the Platinum Etios consists of the mileage of 16.Seventy-eight to 23.59kmpl. The Platinum Etios version has five-seater capacities and sedan has a length of 4369mm, width of 1695mm and has a wheelbase of 2550mm.

Key features of Toyota platinum Etios:

  • Power Steering
  • Diver Airbags
  • Fogs light – Front
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Multi-function Steering Wheel
  • Passenger airbags
  • Air conditioner
  • Top speed

Toyota Etios easily achieves 120kmph and can reach the top speed of around 155kmph. (Toyota Platinum Etios Price in India 2023)

Article of Toyota Etios:

Toyota has recently launched the Innova Crysta in India and according to the latest report, they also have started testing the facelift Etios sedan in India already which actually gives us the hint that the launch is not far away.

Toyota launched the Etios back in the year 2023 and then after 4 years of its existence, Toyota Kirloskar Motors (TKM) launched the updated Etios along with the Etios Liva hatchback.

Motoroids reader was able to click the Etios sedan facelift while it was being tested and as you can clearly notice from the images that the sedan has camouflaged front and rear end while there is some amount of camouflage on the steering wheel as well which gives the hint that facelift Etios sedan will get updated on both its exterior and also interior.


In the model front, the guard has an overwhelming cover which demonstrates the new Etios vehicle to make restyled of the front guard, investigate and you will most likely notice that front grille looks littler and gets enormous Toyota logo on the highest point of the littler four supports.


As you notice that in the image that the Etios facelift that was caught while testing gets a camouflage on a steering wheel cap that even we are not sure why it is actually not there. There might be a faint chance of Toyota updating the entrainment system as well this time.


The Maruti Swift Desire is the oldest competitor to be soon launched in Etios facelift sedan. Maruti gave the Swift Desire the much-needed facelift last year and although nothing much has changed interns overall styling or interior. But still, the updated styling will help it to survive in the market for more a few years now.


The Etios offers an update to get by in the Indian market for the next couple of years by giving an extreme challenge to them. The Toyota Etios sedan is not so popular as the Maruti Swift Desire or few other recently launched.

The model is available with more space, it has comfortable seats and frugal engine. The all necessary equipment is packed with the well price as above discussed. All trims are default equipped along with new safety features makes the sweeter deal to buy this model.

But some customers don’t like this model, so if you want to buy this focused on the features of car. The modification work is still going on, within few years you will a new stylish model of Toyota Platinum Etios.

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