What is FDM Prepared in DTDC Courier?

What is FDM Prepared – You might be asking what this means and why it appears on my order if you check the status of your dtdc order and it says FDM Prepared.

What is FDM Prepared in DTDC Courier?

What is FDM Prepared in DTDC Courier?

We have published this essay in order to address this and clear up any confusion. We believe it will benefit your knowledge base.

FDM Prepared in DTDC

Franchise Delivery Manifest, also known as Franchise Distribution Manifest, is its full name. If it appears in your order when you monitor it on the dtdc website, the remaining stages have all been completed and your product will be delivered very soon.

In essence, FDM Prepared indicates that your order has been received at the company’s distribution centre and will be delivered in the following stage. Articles on several websites claim that FDM Prepared is ready for delivery, which is completely false.

This was very effectively stated by a Quora member by the name of Vijay. His response has 94 upvotes from individuals all over the world and 83,000 views.

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Track DTDC Courier

There are several methods you may use to track your dtdc order. Some of the most popular methods include sending an email or SMS straight from www.dtdc.in.

You are free to select any of them based on your preferences. I personally like DTDC Web Tracker since it’s so simple to use and operates in real-time.

To use web tracker, there is no need to download any apps or programmes. The best thing is that by separating order tracking with a comma, you may track up to 25 orders at once.

DTDC Web Tracker

  • To track your order online go to DTDC Website: https://www.dtdc.in
  • Now look at left side of the page
  • There is a Tracking tool given there where you have to enter Consignment Tracking or Reference Number
  • After entering DTDC Tracking click on Track button
  • Now live location of your package will appear on screen along with date and time
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DTDC SMS Tracker

Although internet usage has increased dramatically throughout the nation, many individuals still lack access to high speed internet. You’ll be shocked to learn that just 35% of people in our country utilise the internet.

Dtdc designed an SMS tracker that doesn’t require internet connectivity in order to provide everyone the same rights and to assist them.

A SIM card and a mobile smartphone are all you need. You may follow both domestic and international orders with SMS Tracker. To track your courier’s whereabouts in real time, follow the instructions below.

  1. To Track your Shipment Type ‘TRACK<space>Consignment Number’ and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: TRACK B22399923).
  2. To Check pin-code, Type ‘PIN<space>Pin Code’ and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: PIN 700019).
  3. To Check Serviceable City, Type ‘CITY<space>City Name’ and send SMS to 9230092300 (Example: CITY Agra)

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