What is Labor Day 2020 {Everything You Need To Know About Labor Day}

What is Labor Day 2020 – Labor Day is the one celebrated every year in order to appreciate the workers’ accomplishments in their particular respective fields.

In some countries, the day is celebrated in relation with the International Workers’ Day that falls on 1st May.

What is Labor Day

What is Labor Day 2020

The Labor Day is observed on the first Monday of September in the US, which is an unofficial end of the summer season over there. Different days were decided by various groups of trade unionists as the trade union and labor movements were seen uprising. The Labor Day was first declared in the US in year 1880.

A legend about this day is the origin of the Labor Day that was started as a General Assembly was called up of the Knights of the Labor. It was on the day of 5th September, 1882, when a public parade of different labor organizations was arranged along with the General Assembly in New York.

This was all done under the guidance of the Central Labor Union (CLU) of New York. Matthew Maguire, the CLU Secretary was responsible for the proposal of a holiday on the account of Labor Day on the first Monday of September.

Another thesis related to the same is known in which Mr. Peter McGuire of the Federation of America had put a proposal for the Labor Day to be celebrated in the month of May, 1882. This was when he was attending an annual labor festival at Toronto.

It was in the year 1887, when one of the states in the US i.e., Oregon, had officially observed a holiday on the Labor Day. Thirty states of the US had already celebrated the Labor Day officially in the year 1894, when the holiday observed in the Oregon state became official. Hence, since 1887, the Labor Day was established officially in North America.

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During 1984, during the Pullman strike that took place in Chicago, some workers died at the hands of the US Army and US Marshal Services. The President Grover Cleveland, after the end of strike, signed it onto law to make Labor Day a national holiday.


In the US, at initial level some specific trends were followed by the people in order to celebrate the Labor Day. The celebrations used to consist of street parades which would show up to the public ‘the strength and the spirit de corps of the trade and labor organizations’. After the parades, a festival used to take place for the workers, their families and friends.

The festival was followed by spectacular speeches delivered by some important personalities of that time. The Sunday which used to fall after the Labor Day was observed as a labor Sunday giving importance to the religious and knowledgeable features of the Labor revolution.

In Australia, the dates of Labor Day celebration vary from state to state. In the capital of Australia, the day is celebrated on the first Monday of October, and the same is followed in the New South Wales and in Southern part of Australia.

In Tasmania and Victoria, the day is observed on first Monday of March. The Labor Day in the Northern Australia and Queensland comes on first Monday of May, which is also celebrated as the May Day.

The Labor Day was celebrated for the first time in Australia on 21st April, 1856 in Melbourne. This day was a remarkable one in the history of Australian territory as the mason and workers at construction sites marched towards the Parliament House from the Melbourne University, stopping all their works in order to accomplish an 8-hour day.

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This march brought them utmost success in achieving an 8-hour day without the loss of pay. This was for the first time in the world that under no guidance the workers were out for a march to fight for the rights of labors. The Labor Day in New Zealand is celebrated on the fourth Monday of October month.

In Bangladesh, the Labor Day is celebrated on 24th April, rather observed as the Labor Safety Day. This date was proposed by the Bangladesh Garment Shramik Sanghati in the memory of the people who died when the Rana Plaza in collapsed.

In Bahamas, it is a national holiday on the 1st Friday on June, which is observed as Labor Day. The official date of Labor Day here is 7th June, commemorating the strike for the significant workers, that was held in the year 1942.

In countries like South Africa, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Libya, China, etc., 1st May is a national holiday on account of Labor Day

Labor Day in India:

The Labor Day in India is observed on 1st May every year and is a declared officially as a public holiday nationwide. It is known as ‘Antarrashtriya Shramik Diwas’ or some even call it as ‘May Day’. As India is a land of diversity, the Labor Day here is given many names respective to the different territorial languages.

Different territorial names of Labor Day:

In Marathi language it is known as ‘Kamgar Diwas’, in Hindi as ‘Kamgar Din’, in Kannada as ‘Karmikara Dinacharane’, in Tamil it is called ‘Uzhaipalar Dhinam’, whereas in Malayalam it is known as ‘Thozhilaali Dinam’.

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The first Labor Day in India was observed on 1st May, 1923 in Madras, which is now popularly known as Chennai. The day was organised by the Labor Kisan Party of India (known as Hindustan in those days), and it was for the first time when a red flag was used in order to signify the vitality of labors.

The leader of the Labor Kisan Party, Mr. Singaravelu Chettiar decided to make some special arrangements for celebration of the Labor Day. The solemnization on this day took place at two different localities of Madras; one meeting took place at the beach opposite to the Madras High Court, while the other one was observed at the Triplicane Beach.

Maharashtra Day:

In the year 1960, Maharashtra had achieved its statehood which then resulted into celebrating 1st May as ‘Maharashtra Day’. On the same day, the Bombay State was distinguished on the basis of linguistic means.

Gujarat Day:

The same is the story with the Gujarat state which had also attained its statehood on the same day and in the same year and hence, the May Day which comes on 1st May is celebrated here as ‘Gujarat Day’.

Maharashtra Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm at Shivaji Park situated in the Central Mumbai. Whereas in Gujarat a small parade in organised in Gandhinagar, which is the capital of Gujarat. Schools, offices and other organizations remain closed for the whole day in both the states in support to the May Day which is also celebrated as Labor Day.

What is Labor Day