World Aids Day Date 2020 Information, History, Celebration, Activities

World Aids Day Date 2020 – World AIDS Day is intended on the 1st of December. It was in the year 1988 that the UN Government started observing this day and the main motive behind this being to spread awareness amongst the people all over the world.

Governments officials, health department, NGOs arrange some awareness programs in order to educate the public about AIDS, and measures to take for preventing it. The World AIDS Day celebration is the most well known one.

World Aids Day Date 2019

World Aids Day Date 2020

The World AIDS Day was first decided to be celebrated in August, 1988 by Mr. James Bunn and Mr. Thomas Netter. These two are the Public Information Officers for the Global Program for AIDS at the World Health Organization (WHO), Switzerland.

They both presented their personal views about celebrating this day to Dr. Jonathan Mann who is the Director of the Global AIDS Program. He then sanctioned their thoughts and then the World AIDS Day was scheduled to be celebrated on 1st December, 1988, and since then it is been observed on the same day globally.

About AIDS:

The infection of HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). HIV AIDS is one of the most critical health issues in the whole world. As a matter of fact, AIDS has caused death to more than 36 million people uptil now throughout the globe and people more than that are living suffering from HIV.

The transmittal of HIV AIDS takes place from one person to the other if they come in physical contact via mucous membrane, blood or other body fluids. As stated above, around more than 36 million people are suffering from this disease, and this disease cause’s death to nearly 2 million people.


HIV AIDS cannot be eradicated form its roots or it cannot be cured as well, but its effect can be reduced up to certain amount. An individual affected by HIV AIDS may have some of the following symptoms which will help him detect the disease and can go for the treatment to lessen its ill effects.

• Fever
• Chills
• Sore throat
• Sweats during night
• Enlarged glands
• Weight loss
• Tiredness
• Weakness
• Joint pain
• Muscle ache
• Red rashes on body

The above symptoms are the ones observed when a person is suffering from HIV AIDS at Stage-1. Apart from this the following:

Symptoms that are observed at stage 2 of the disease:

• Blurred vision
• Night sweats
• Weight loss
• Dry cough
• Swollen glands
• Pneumonia
• Tuberculosis
• Respiratory issues
• Meningitis
• Peripheral neuropathy

How it is spreads?

Some people possess a wrong belief that HIV AIDS spreads through hand shake, hug, sneeze, unbroken skin touch, using the same toilet. But it is nothing like this. AIDS spreads only due to the HIV virus which attacks the T-cells of the human immune system.

These T-cells are present in the human blood, semen, breast milk, vaginal fluids, etc. of the person suffering from aids. These cells can be transmitted to other person by blood transfusion, oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, or injecting the contaminated needles. The virus can also be transmitted to a baby by the pregnant lady at time of her delivery or via breast feeding as well.

Motive Behind World AIDS Day

The main purpose behind celebrating the World AIDS Day is to generate awareness anongst the people regarding the cause of disease and ways in which it can be avoided and treated.

Following are the objectives of the World AIDS Day:

• To guide the people about the prevention of AIDS
• To help with the implementation of the prevention plans
• To provide the public with proper treatment facilities for HIV AIDS
• To set up a counseling centre for a proper service
• To create awareness amongst the people regarding the commodities that can help them to fight against HIV AIDS
• To avoid campaigns regarding the awareness and treatment for HIV AIDS
• To arrange various events that can help for the awareness of HIV AIDS
• To encourage youngsters to take part in the events organised
• To reduce the number of patients suffering from HIV AIDS

HIV AIDS Awareness Program:

The campaigning of HIV AIDS awareness program consists of many themes which can help people get to know about the disease and aids to prevent it and cure it in a much easier way. Some of the themes that are commonly seen followed are arranging talks of events like street plays based on the topics like Communication, Youth, Women & AIDS, AIDS & the Family, etc.

World AIDS Day Activities

Various type of activities are organised by the people on World AIDS Day regarding its awareness. Raising awareness about the disease is very vital since it is the main target of the program.

Some of the activities performed for the awareness program are:

• A planned meeting is organised regarding the World AIDS Day by the individuals and organizations form the respective communities by interacting with each other from time to time.
• Social service agencies (NGOs), local clinics, hospitals, schools, colleges, AIDS advocacy groups, etc. are informed with the program and are asked to contribute actively in the events organised.
• Talks can be arranged based on the prevention and cure of AIDS by inviting active speakers or health officials.
• Rallies, health fairs, community events and parades can be arranged where the public can actively take part in.
• Red ribbons are worn by the organizers and they distribute those ribbons to the public which signifies the awareness for HIV AIDS

Celebrated As A Health Awareness Day:

The World AIDS Day celebration has become one of the most recognized health day celebrations internationally. It offers the key opportunity to the health organizations to raise the awareness level amongst the people, and provide with the most possible access to the treatment as well as discussing the preventive measures.

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