World Red Cross Day 2020 {Top 100 Red Cross Day 2020}

World Red Cross Day 2020 – World Red Cross day means 8th of May is commemorated each year as the birthday anniversary of the creator of the Red Cross. Henry Dunant was the creator of the Red Cross as well as the creator of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), born in the Geneva in the year 1828. He was the most popular person and became the recipient of the 1st Nobel Peace Prize.

World Red Cross Day


World Red Cross Day commemorates all across the world by the National Societies affiliates to the ICRC (International Committee of the Red Cross) on 8th of May, at Monday.


Red Cross was introduced as a vital contribution to the calm later the World War I by a global commission at 14th International Conference of the Red Cross. The rules of the Red Cross Truce was showed and accepted at 15th International Conference at Tokyo in the year 1934 to get relevant all across the world in various regions.

The probability of its annual festivity was asked to the “League of the Red Cross Societies (LORCS)” by the International Federation of the Red Cross Societies (IFRC) General Assembly. And just 2 years after the proposal of commemorating this day yearly was adopted and was first commemorated as the Red Cross Day on 8th of May in 1948. After, it was officially named as the “World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day” in the year 1984.

It is commemorated by the people on a global level to alleviate people’s suffering, enhancing their dignity, saving their life from emergencies and lots of natural disasters including epidemic diseases, flood and earthquakes.

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It commemorates by all the sections of the Red Cross institutions to help people by keeping in front, it’s all fundamental principles which are humanity, independence, impartiality, neutrality, universality, voluntary and unity.

ICRC and its members (National Societies) arrange lots of programs and functions in order to motivate volunteers as well as facilitate and encourage their humanitarian activities. International Red Cross movement members assist the suffered people of any issues. People are inspired to save their own lives and take care of the dignity of other victims.

It commemorates yearly to honor the creator of an International Red Cross Crescent Movement, Henry Dunant. It commemorates by the National Societies (affiliated to ICRC) in their nations to aware people about require of life safeguard in some drastic situations. It highlights the international services to motivate people to vastly participate in the life saving activities.


It has become a main day in the history of the world which is being commemorated yearly to play large role in the life saving events as well as assisting the vulnerable social people all around the world. It is to commemorate to celebrate the birthday of Henri Dunant who had founded the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the year 1863 in the Geneva, Switzerland.

It aimed to give relief to the human beings in distress and desolation due to war, food shortage, epidemic diseases or natural disaster. Its festivity is highlighted through a particular theme of the year to fulfill the aim of festivity as well as make people aware of its importance.

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It also aims to attract extra private or governmental organizations to be active members and participate regionally to help required people suffering from any kind of disaster.


• It is to commemorate to give relief and calm to the injured people to prohibit death rate due to the disasters of any kind.
• It aids people living in the vulnerable areas to manage the public health emergencies.
• It aids in reinstating the human dignity.
• Geneva conventions aid in monitoring the compliance of warring parties.
• It aids the wounded people on the battlefield by arranging the nursing care.
• It avails the remedy for prisoners of war and help in searching the missing persons through conflict.
• It avails safeguard and nursing care to the people in civil populations.


World Red Cross Day is commemorated by arranging a variety of events and programmes at various places to aid people free of cost. 50 volunteers are registered by the District Red Cross Branches and 25 volunteers by the Taluka Red Cross Branches to offer the humanitarian services each year.

The special stream with their register new volunteers welcomes the Red Cross Rath by the Zone wise Rath Yatra Movement where it has arranged local programs to highlight the Red Cross activities.


World Red Cross societies and Red Crescent Societies are the biggest humanitarian network of the world offering relief to the disaster. It commemorates the World Red Cross Day by arranging activities in more than 170 nations of the world. It has become the strongest force of the world, having unpaid assistants (including 97 million members and enrolled volunteers) all nearby the world for aid 233 million people each year.

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It aims to accomplish its conference in other regions of the world as well to alleviate all the dead and painful illness including measles and other crises. Its primary objective is to wholly eradicate infestation diseases, save children from the sufferings, lessen the maternal and child mortality rate and etc. A cross of red color on the white background is the symbol of Red Cross Day which was arises in the year 1864 in the Geneva Convention.


The ICRC was founded in the year 1863 in the Geneva, Switzerland as a private organization for managing the people’s disaster sufferings worldwide. It consists of 25 members and Red Cross committee who are empowered for the lifesaving events and safeguard victim’s dignity on national and international level under the human rights legislation.

Red Crescent Societies are affiliated and works in cooperation with the World Red Cross to assist in the activities of the movement. National Red Crescent societies and Red Cross Societies are existing on a national level in almost every nation worldwide. Recently, nearby 186 National Societies (use Red Cross as their official symbol) are available which are recognized by the ICRC.