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Ashok Leyland Price in India 2023 – Ashok Leyland offers stress-free drives for a happier life.

Ashok Leyland Price in India 2023

Ashok Leyland Price in India 2023

Ashok Leyland buses facilitate millions of the people in commuting from one place to another. Around 70 million people use Ashok Leyland buses daily due to its durability and dependability on the road. The company is a leader in manufacturing M & HCV buses and bags third position in the world.

The buses are manufactured as per the environmental and customer friendly. Ashok Leyland manufactures a wide range of buses according to the different needs of applications, comforts and road conditions.

Why Ashok Leyland buses are considered good?

Ashok Leyland is owned by Hinduja Group its headquarters in Chennai. The company is working by keeping in the mind of its customer’s voice, emotions, safety and comfort. You can get the entire range of buses with different floor heights for different applications for travel like intercity, school bus, airport shuttle etc.

The buses are available with tubeless tires this ensures the superior comfort, safety and savings to its customers.

Different types of Ashok Leyland bus

  • Ashok Leyland Cheetah (City)

It is one of the oldest brands from Ashok Leyland it can clear Narrow Roads and Hilly Terrains easily. This model has an H-Series engine with flat torque over wider RPM that ensures great drivability. The bus delivers superior mileage, reliable aggregates and low maintenance.

The longer service intervals offer a low cost of ownership and offer affordable travel to its end users. Exhaust brakes of the bus helps drivers while descending on slopes give great directional control and ensure vehicle stability. Disk brake is there to help to navigate through Indian city traffic conditions.

The leaf spring suspension with parabolic helper spring and shock absorbers ensures the comfort of the passenger even on the bumpy roads. Heavy-duty and reliable aggregates ensure the ability to reach hilly terrains. It is a great vehicle that can take the passengers safely to reach their destination.

  • Ashok Leyland SUNSHINE (School and College)

This bus is designed from the lowest fixed entry step for easy boarding and alighting. The interior of the bus looks great with colorful seats, large windows for good visibility as well as ventilation.

Parabolic suspension ensures smooth and bumps free ride as the kids might sleep when they come back from school. Sunshine is designed according to the biggest concern of the parents. Due to the semi-integral chassis construction height of the bus is lower.

The bus remains stable even on the rough roads. The seats for the kids are hygiene for the children and anti-bacterial seats stress-free drive for kids. The vehicle is featured with the anti-skid floor, door-opening alarm, fire extinguishers, emergency exit, fire exit, first aid kit, window guard rail.

It contains i-Alert (real-time tracking system) for parents and school authorities to know the movements of the bus. The company has taken the responsibility of safe transportation for children as well as staff.

Power steering and cable shift ensures effortless and smooth drivability. It contains the best-in–class turning radius that helps to navigate daily challenges of traffic. The bus has an anti-drain battery system, rust-free tank, maximum tire life, fuel efficiency, low cost of maintenance etc.

  • 12M_FE Diesel (Intercity)

When it comes to more legroom or higher seating 12M ensures higher returns to the owner. Power-packed drive train ensures turnaround time, a large number of trips and revenue. Heavy-duty aggregates reduce operations cost and reduce maintenance cost.

It offers the best in class comfort for its passengers with Full Air Suspension and direct drive AC. Properly packaged EATS offers additional space for luggage, the electromagnetic retarder ensures brakes without any jerks.

The ergonomic design of the bus ensures fatigue-free drive. It has air-assisted hydraulic clutch and smooth cable gear shift system that helps in changing speed easily as per the road condition. Small circle diameter helps the driver to take small turns and maneuvre through all types of traffic conditions.

  • OYSTER Wide (Tourist)

This is best in the class featured with inbuilt Rollover protection, ABS, Fire detection, GPS Panic switch and suppression system. The bus offers class-leading safety to its passengers without compromising anything else.

The shape of the bus is wide, big tires, heavy-duty axles and strong chassis frame. Your rides become easy and comfortable even on the tough terrains. The wider body of the bus offers comfort to every passenger.

The engine of this bus is H-Series turbo-charged iGen6 coupled with 5 Speed Overdrive transmission provides great mileage. The robust powertrain, low maintenance and superior performance save your money. The efficiency of the bus ensures a great profit to the operators.

Which model is good?

Read the tips before you buy a bus?

There are many models of a bus are found in the market it is hard to select which one is good as it is a big investment as well.

  • Seating capacity

Check your requirement for seating capacity the buses come in different sizes and models. The large size buses not only require large space for parking but a large capital investment, running and maintenance. So choose the model which suits your requirement.

  • Engine capacity

The engine is a vital part of a bus so you need to select a powerful engine for your bus. A large engine lasts for a long period whereas the smaller ones cannot work hard.

  • Engine Type

An engine type of bus has limited options like petrol, diesel, electric and hybrid. Consider the future usage of the bus. Keep in mind the operational cost and fuel cost of the bus.

  • Customization

These days buses come with lots of customization features like safety belt, handrails, wheelchair lifts, Wi-Fi, GPS, Internet etc. You can check with the dealer as per your requirements.

  • Budget

It is vital to know that how much amount you can spend on a bus. Make an estimate of the maximum upper limit for the bus. If you purchase a used bus in good condition you can save lots of money without compromising the features.

  • Safety

This is one of the important factors to consider when you are going to buy a bus. All the safety features must be present on the vehicle you are going to buy.

  • Parking space

Do you have space where the vehicle will be parked? Check for local regulations that sometimes it prohibits parking of the bus in your premise.

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