– How to Join a Pear Deck Session 2023 – Pear Deck is a fantastic application that helps instructors make interactive presentations and allows students to take part in engaging activities.

Learn how to use a 5-digit number or link to sign up for a Pear Deck session as a student at

This article will go into great detail on joining Pear Deck.

Using a code or link, students may access the interactive presentations made by their professors on, a microsite or sub-domain of

The professors themselves SMS or email students with the code or link. It is not available anywhere else.

To participate in the presentation, students do not need to register for an account on Pear Deck.

To achieve that, however, they’ll need a Google or Microsoft account.

This is so that Pear Deck can integrate with Google Slides in order to function.

Additionally, teachers might let children to sign up anonymously.

What does Pear Deck’s do?

The website sends visitors to, which is a microsite or subdomain on

Students may attend a Pear Deck presentation or session by using a 5-character code supplied by their professors on this website.

You must visit this page in a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc., and then input the code if you are a student and your instructor has invited the class to participate in the Pear Deck presentation.

You will then be at the student dashboard where you may see slides and other things.

How can I use the Join Code to join a Pear Deck session?

Using the Join Code that their professors have provided, students may join a Pear Deck session.

If the instructor has enabled the corresponding settings, they may require a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account to attend the session.

If not, they may just sign up without a username or avatar.

To join a Pear Deck session as a student with a Join Code, adhere to these steps:

Ask your instructor for the Join Code for the Pear Deck session or presentation.

They may have texted or sent it to the class as a whole.

Open a browser now, and go to


Next, input the provided box’s 5-character Join Code.

Wait for the Pear Deck session to load before proceeding.

You will either be immediately logged in or given the option to choose the email account if your instructor asks you to log in through email.

If they don’t, you may sign up without providing your email in an anonymous manner.

Simply choose an avatar and login username to sign up for the session.

How to use Join Link to join a Pear Deck session

Even easier is joining a Pear Deck session using a Join Link.

You may attend the Pear Deck presentation on without entering a code.

Instead, all you need to do is click a link.

To join a Pear Deck session using a Join Link, adhere to these steps:

To learn more about the Pear Deck session, see the email or message your instructor sent you.

To join the session, click the Join Link.

An internet browser will launch the Pear Deck session.

Although Google Chrome is recommended for viewing it, you may also use other browsers.

You will be in the Student View after you have joined the session.

You are able to participate with your professors’ interactive questions and see the presentation slides.

Pear Deck provides both students and instructors with a fantastic learning opportunity.

It’s a terrific approach to replace outdated teaching techniques with contemporary ones.

Deck Pear Teacher’s Resource: Permit students to use email and/or anonymity

Pear Deck is a fantastic application that allows instructors to build interactive presentations and engage their students in learning.

It provides a variety of tools for creating information in the form of slideshows for the classroom.

The nicest part is that it functions as an add-on for Google Slides, so users don’t need to install it separately.

While allowing students to participate in the Pear Deck session, teachers have two alternatives.

Students may sign up either anonymously or using an email address.

The teacher’s login preferences are kept for all next sessions.

They may, however, alter them at any moment by visiting the settings page and switching the student login feature on or off.

Students may sign up in either case by utilising the Join Link or inputting a code on

Require Email Login for Pear Deck Sessions from Students

Students’ email addresses might be required by teachers to attend Pear Deck sessions.

Students must enter or choose their email account after entering the Join Code at or clicking the Join Link for the Pear Deck session when this setting is enabled.

It’s a useful approach to learn about students, quickly record their attendance, and keep trolls out of classes.

To enable student login requirements, adhere to following steps:

Enter the Home page of Pear Deck.

Now choose the symbol for your individual profile.

Then choose My Account.

After that, choose Settings.

Locate the “Require Student Logins” column by scrolling down.

Choose the account type you want students to use and click ON.

This will prevent your students from joining Pear Deck sessions without their email.

Allow anonymous student participation in Pear Deck sessions.

Simply follow the instructions provided for the aforementioned manner and choose OFF under the “Require Student Logins” area to allow students to attend Pear Deck sessions anonymously.

When you do this, students won’t need their email addresses to join your Pear Deck sessions.

By utilising an avatar and a moniker, students will be able to attend the sessions anonymously.

Their true names won’t be shown, but they may still watch the slides and reply to queries.

Teachers will see a notification at the bottom letting them know that students are signing up using nicknames and avatars.

While holding entertaining sessions in between lessons, this approach is beneficial.

Teachers should make it mandatory for students to connect with their email for important courses.

Final Word

This concludes the Pear Deck guide.

We hope you now understand how to join a Pear Deck session using the Join Code at or the Join Link.

Use the comment section if you have any questions or concerns about utilising Pear Deck as a student or instructor.

We will be happy to assist you further.

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