Lisa Kelly is married to husband Traves Kelly.

Lisa Kelly is married to husband Traves Kelly – The Historical Channel premiered Ice Highway Truckers, an American reality television series, on June 20, 2023.

Lisa Kelly is married to husband Traves Kelly

Lisa Kelly is married to husband Traves Kelly

The current situation mostly concerns drivers who pass other cars on seasonal roads, cross rivers, and traverse frozen lakes in northern regions of Canada and Alaska.

Lisa Kelly is one of the current casts that has a lot of renowned actors in it. She has appeared in numerous “Ice Highway Truckers” episodes. Discover more about Lisa Kelly’s marriage and get to know Traves Kelly.

Check out her current web pricing and salary by searching for her biography on wiki.

Ice Highway Truckers Lisa Kelly married Traves Kelly. Know extra about her husband.

His longtime boyfriend Traves Kelly is married to Lisa Kelly, a star of The Ice Highway Truckers. Fortunately, the reckless trucker from the television series Ice Road Truckers who frequently crashes cars and bikes has been married for some time.

The couple reconnected while racing and ended up getting engaged to each other. After dating for more than 4 years, Lisa Kelly and Traves Kelly were blessedly wed in a private ceremony in 2023; they have been happily together ever since.

Traves Kelly, her spouse, is a marching associate and a racer. Alaska native Traves enjoys riding bicycles. In reality, he rides a bike. The couple has numerous common problems. Although Traves and Lisa are now without a child, they hope to have a child in the future.


Lisa Kelly has had a very successful racing career. She has made numerous television appearances. In 2023’s third season of Ice Highway Truckers, she was a lonely young woman. She has appeared on the show a lot since then.

Her appearance in Ice Truckers paved the way for her film debut in Ice Highway Truckers: Deathliest Roads, which featured Ricky Yemm, Dave Redmon, and Alex Debogorski and was shot in India’s Himalaya Mountains.

Her Web Value is $1 million.

Lisa Kelly has amassed a fortune through her work. She has established popularity and financial success for herself as a truck driver. She or he is frequently referred to as the Scorching Chick of racing, and her fan base has grown significantly as well.

Lisa Kelly typically sells for $1 million on the internet. She has been able to amass all of this through her rigorous racing work. Her primary source of income comes from her racing career in Ice Highway Truckers.

However, as long as she continues to be young and active on the streets, her web price could rise.

Age, Birthday

The only girl in Ice Highway Truckers is still younger; her name is Lisa Kelly. She is now 41 years old. On December 8th, she typically celebrates her birthday.

Despite still being very young, she has accomplished numerous things. Her racing career has flourished, and she or he is doing well.

Wiki Bio

Lisa Kelly was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, on December 8, 1980. When she was six years old, the family moved to Alaska. Consequently, she and her family spent their formative years in Alaska.

Despite only enrolling for one semester, Lisa Kelly attended Cornstone College. She received her truck driving training at Alaskan Haulage Company.

Lisa worked in a variety of places before appearing in Ice Highway Truckers. For instance, she had to work as a motocross rider and a college bus driver for a spell.

Despite her current prominence, she experienced her fair share of hardships in the past. Speaking of the fight, she also worked at a gas station and a pizza restaurant.

Currently, she and her husband Traves Kelly reside in Wasilla, Alaska. She enjoys riding horses, motorboating, slope gliding, and snowboarding in her free time.

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