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MG Hector Price in India 2023 – The official website of Morris Garages describes MG Hector as all Powerful, Fierce, Trustworthy and Dependable.

The brand ambassador for MG Hector is famous actor Benedict Cumberbatch to India.

MG Hector Price in India 2023

MG Hector Price in India 2023

The name ‘Hector’ is inspired by Trojan Warrior Hero, Prince Hector of Troy’s noble qualities. The Royal Air Force in the 1930s honoured the great tradition of British engineering as a nod to the Royal Hector biplane.

Hector has the characteristics that make it the first Internet automobile in India in keeping with its name and the philosophy behind it.

The entire integrated system is called I Next Gen Systems, composed of equipment, software, networking, utilities and programs, all together in harmony.

iSMART technology:

The MG Hector offers many functions that make driving not only a memorable experience, but also safer.

This kind of Next-Gen System was never seen in a car in India, and is intended to provide on-going connectivity.

Here are the features of the iSmart next-gen system:

Head Unit:

The Head Unit, the control center and the vehicle brain is provided by MG Hector. All vehicle information is provided to the driver in one place at a glance.

It has the following features:

An extremely large full HD 10.4-inch monitor that is even wider than most tablets.

It has a range of lovely subjects.

It has already pre-charged video items, which are constantly updated Over the Air (OTA). MG Hector Price in India 2023

The visually friendly GUI offers all details at once and helps the driver with just one contact or voice control to handle the full in-auto setup such as geo-navigation, air conditioning control, traffic updates,

entertainment system control etc.

The head unit also can comfortably withstand extreme temperatures in India.

Connected Mobility via Airtel Sim

MG Hector has an embedded sim M2M (Machine to Machine), ready for 5 G by IPV6, so that it is ready for the future!

This is the first product in the class to be introduced.

Airtel provides connectivity.

Services such as remote tracking and location, geo fencing, automated emergency response, music and other entertainment content streaming, up-to-date maps, real-time navigation, over – the-air updates, etc.

are made possible by the MG Hector Mobility Connectivity Solution.

MG has established a communication approach in Thailand, India and China and is set to move west as the first truly Connected MG system, beginning with the UK in 2023.

The connectivity solution will receive continuous upgrades. All such developments and upgrades would be made available on the iSmart system as they are released globally, always keeping it up to date.

Over the Air (OTA) updates:

OTA updates are part of apps like Android, iOS, mac, Windows and so on, but for the first time MG India has launched OTA in a vehicle in India. In this way, the MG cars will stay up to date when latest upgrades are released as smartphones or tablets!

Updates are included from time to time including OTA, OS, software, map updates, new topics, new infotainment material and other vehicle upgrades. MG Hector Price in India 2023

MG Hector provides with this OTA update tremendous possibilities for the future. Companies and investors are developing new apps and services every day. These current and future services and features are, and are, easily updated by the OTA updates and are available to MG car owners.

Privacy and Cyber Security:

MG motors understand the risk of connecting to the internet and have joined forces with Microsoft to provide the system with a unique defense and all stowed data in relation to the driver’s and vehicle analytics in MG Hector. The answer:’ With strong power, there are huge responsibilities’

To order to protect against malware, all data is stored locally with regular updates.

Voice Assist like‘Hello MG’:

Say‘Hi MG,’ watch the automobile come alive. Before we turn to the AC and open the sunroof, we control our music and navigation with voice command, that impresses by many standards!

You can also adjust music, move to places, alter climate control, and do so much more with the AI-based voice assistant allowed by MG Hector’s cloud, enabling more than 100 voice controls.

This Voice Assistant for MG India was produced by Nuance and qualified to teach Indian English and different Indian accents.

It has allowed advanced AI for the computer to learn and to adjust over time to every task.

The aid is often conscious of variations in sympathetic language, which is how we construct phrases.

For this Voice Assistant, Nuance used NLU (Natural Language Understanding). It has adaptive functions such as DDFW, voice recognition VOCON hybrid, vocalisation TTS, SSE for barge-in and beamforming for MG cars and voice signal processing.

With backend development and AI-based learning the Voice Assist is continually improving. All notifications would be open to users via OTA as previously stated.

All of these apps ensure the best Indian speech and languages in a sound aid to the MG Hector owners in the car!

E-Call and I-Call:

E-Call is an immediate emergency response system for MG Hector to provide the Hector drivers with protection and safe.

E-Call is automatically triggered in case of an accident where airbags are deployed. A notification is sent to the response team in MG’s customer service, the Pulse Hub via the linked network. Then the Pulse Hub calls for the head unit of the vehicle. In case of no response, the owner telephones and the emergency contact call if no answer.

Another great feature with MG Hector is the I-call button. It’s a Pulse Hub concierge service. Imagine knowing the closest restaurant, but when you move you might lose the seat. What to do now?

You just click the button I-call. A message is sent to a Pulse Hub customer service officer who then calls the owner to ask how he or she can support him or her.

You just have to place your query, and you can not only be guided by the Pulse Hub, but also send the POI to the Head Unit where the navigation system is taking place. Thus, the driver has a good hands-off experience of technology.

Maps and Navigation by TomTom

MG Hector iSmart has been provided with integrated maps and navigation solutions by TomTom, the global automotive browser. For over 600 M on worldwide roads using the maps and navigation tools of TomTom, it has proved that it is the greatest because it always delivers up to date maps and traffic data in real time. The detail is specific, as it utilizes the TomTom system to draw up cars, enabling TomTom to replenish larger cities regularly.

Sing along with Music by Gaana:

MG Hector gives its owners the free music and streaming capabilities for a paid Gaana account. It comes with a Gaana device preloaded and the owners can get the largest music library, personal reviews and smart playlists on a premium account.

In addition to Gaana’s attempts to attach versatility to the wide 10.4-inch head unit to allow song art a greater visibility, it’s now simpler and more exciting. MG Hector is really making the tour more pleasant as the first of its kind to deliver automotive entertainment solutions in India!

Weather services by Accuweather:

If traveling on an MG Hector weather changes rarely come as a surprise because the Accuweather software is embedded in the device in your vehicle. This offers in real time weather alerts at all locations to allow drivers to take action in the face of bad weather.

iSmart Mobile App:

The iSmart app for their smartphones is downloadable to every owner of MG Hector. This app scans the car and provides information on its location when it is active and when it is locked.

This app will come in handy to perform actions like:

Vehicle scanning.

Fuel level and vehicle range.

Lock/unlock status.

Remotely lock/unlock the car.

Remotely switch on climate control to cool the car when it has been standing in the sun on a hot day (On Automatic Transmission variants only owing to safety reasons).

Find my car [Honking/Light blinking/walk or drive the car].

Set geo fencing which is very useful when loved ones are travelling in MG Hector.

Security alert.

Abnormal tyre pressure notification.

Vehicle Management.

Create travel plan and push it to vehicle.

iSmart Smart Drive helps users to drive smartly.

Speed Alert.

MG Network notification.

Departure notification.

Adobe Experience Cloud:

Adobe and Cognizant collaborated together to build a digital interface with a software vendor for MG India, which they have never seen in the past.

Customers can use Adobe Experience Cloud to obtain convenient access to Morris Garages’website and to all the digital assets in a single area. This system is taught by customers and offers more time.

More about the MG Hector:

The much-awaited MG Hector luxury SUV is now being introduced in India and the MG Motor brand is going to be established, with Hector as their first Indian model and Made-in-India. According to MG, every six months they launch a new vehicle and the next car will be MG eZS, an all-electric SUV. MG will fight for a place of Indian’s car market with the introduction of Hector. MG Hector Price in India 2023

The Hector, which was launched last month and is estimated to be between 15 and 20 lakhs (ex-showroom), is going against the Tata Harrier and Jeep Compass.

Both petrol and diesel versions are available in the MG Hector. In a hybrid (48V) trim, 1.5-L petrol will be also available. The oil burner is driven by a 2.0 litre mill and, apart from the basic manual gearbox, the supplier provides an electronic double clutch transmission as an alternative.

With a length of 4655 mm, width 1835 mm and height 1760 mm with a wheelbase of 2750 mm and a ground clearance of 192 mm, Hector SUV is the highest in its segment. as far as measurements go.

The Hector is a huge SUV that incorporates a large boat suitably. The 587-liter luggage bay is clearly massive and the high-speed tailgate is a luxury button. The high load lip and the low height of the rotating parcel tray nevertheless harmed to a certain degree the usability. However, the back seats split between 60:40 and fold up, so that you can fit into loads of luggage and need more space.

There are also fair odds and ends in the forest. A small storage case between the front seats and other bays is dispersed around the cabin in each of the doors. But the door doors, panels and glovebox could all have been a larger size.

Smartphone users are pleased to know that the MG Hector has three USB charging outlets, including a quick-charge rear seat socket.

The Hector is accessible in four models, each of which provides a lot of money characteristics. Speaking of safety features, what’s commendable is that there is regular rear disk braking, ABS, ESPs, stability sensors, hill-holding controls, ISOFIX child seat braces and 3-point restraint belts for all chairs. The Style and Super trims are issued two airbags; the Smart takes up to four white airbags.

The Super trim is our worth range of the versions. Apart from this package, it also has a 10.4-inch display with an Apple CarPlay and Android Auto LED headlamps, cruise control and back-car parking, front and rear parking sensors.

However, you must choose the Smart trimester that gets embedded sim tech and iSmart connectivity Suite MGs if you want to use your Hector with the much talked about connectivity feats.

In brief, the system keeps you in contact with your car through an interface and also connects up to 100 voices. The additional features of value in the intelligent trim include a six-way driver’s seat and key-less entry and go. The Hector Sharp tops the whole hog and installs a 4-way power-adjustable co-driver seat and panoramic sun roof in a 360-degree oval view camera.


MG Hector – It’s a human thing.

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