Ravi Kumar Sihag: UPSC IAS Journey, Biography, Rank, Marks, Education, & Insights

Ravi Kumar Sihag, with his roots firmly grounded in the soil of Tindiam, a little-known village in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan, nurtured a dream far beyond the expansive fields he toiled. Born to a farmer and a homemaker on June 30, 1994, Ravi’s childhood was a blend of pastoral duties and academic zeal. Despite his obligations at home, including farming and caring for cows, Ravi’s passion for learning never waned; rather, it flourished.

Ravi Kumar Sihag

Ravi Kumar Sihag: UPSC IAS Journey, Biography, Rank, Marks, Education, & Insights

From being a school topper in his village school to scoring an impressive 95% in his 10th standard and 97% in his 12th from Anupgarh School, Ravi’s academic journey was nothing short of inspiring. He further pursued his love for political science, English literature, and economics at Anupgarh College, graduating with a commendable 75%.

Why IAS? A Dream Takes Flight

Post-graduation, Ravi set his sights on the Civil Services, the zenith of governmental roles in India. His motivation? To effect change and touch lives. But the road to becoming an IAS officer was fraught with hurdles. Ravi braved four grueling attempts at the UPSC examination, beginning in 2018. His persistence finally paid off in 2020 when he achieved an All India Rank (AIR) of 16, etching his name in the annals of success stories.

Strategizing Success: The Prep Talk

Ravi’s strategy was simple yet effective. He chose Hindi literature as his optional subject, influenced by successful candidates from a similar medium. His preparation for current affairs was unique – instead of traditional newspapers, he relied on the Dhristi website and Vision IAS PT365 material, meticulously compiling notes.

Mental health was another aspect Ravi boldly addressed. During his preparation, he encountered periods of depression and negativity. His remedy? Conversations with close ones and taking necessary breaks to rejuvenate his mind and spirit.

A Day in Ravi’s Prep Life

Ravi’s daily schedule was a testament to his discipline. An early riser, he began his day at 5:30 AM, balancing physical fitness with rigorous study sessions punctuated by short, revitalizing breaks. His strategy involved focused learning, consistent revision, and smart work, rather than just hard work.

Disconnect to Connect: Ravi’s Social Media Sabbatical

Understanding the distractions social media posed, Ravi took a bold step to deactivate his accounts. This decision was pivotal, allowing him to dedicate undivided attention to his ultimate goal.

The Triumph: Ravi’s UPSC Journey

Ravi’s UPSC journey was a roller coaster of emotions and results. His initial attempts in 2018 and 2019, despite fetching him ranks, weren’t sufficient for the IAS post. However, unfazed by setbacks and undeterred even when the exams were postponed due to COVID-19, Ravi’s unyielding spirit saw him through in his 2020 attempt.

Behind the Marks: Ravi’s Scorecard

Ravi’s UPSC marks sheet reflects his well-rounded preparation:

  • Essay (Paper I): 143
  • General Studies 1 (Paper II): 098
  • General Studies 2 (Paper III): 118
  • General Studies 3 (Paper IV): 091
  • General Studies 4 (Paper V): 117
  • Optional 1 (Hindi Literature) (Paper VI): 144
  • Optional 2 (Hindi Literature) (Paper VII): 140
  • Written Total: 851
  • Personality Test: 171
  • Final Total: 1022

Resource Repository: Ravi’s Booklist

For aspirants seeking inspiration, Ravi’s diverse booklist ranges from Spectrum’s “A Brief History of Modern India” and Laxmikanth’s “Indian Polity” to Shankar IAS’s “Environment” and the Chronicle’s “Lexicon for Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude.”

The Personal Side: Beyond Books

On the personal front, Ravi keeps his cards close to his chest. While there’s speculation about a romantic relationship, Ravi prefers to keep his personal life away from the public eye.

The Financial Facet: An IAS Officer’s Earnings

An IAS officer’s salary structure reflects their crucial role in public administration. As of the available data, an IAS officer in Ravi’s capacity would earn a gross salary of approximately 120,769 rupees, with net earnings of around 91,818 rupees after deductions.

In Conclusion: Ravi Kumar Sihag – An Epitome of Perseverance

Ravi’s story, dotted with humble beginnings, steadfast dedication, and intellectual rigor, culminates in a message loud and clear: your background doesn’t define you; your dreams and determination do.

For further inspiration, explore success stories of other luminaries in the civil services domain, such as Artika Shukla, Sarjana Yadav, Shreyans Kumat, and many more.

(Note: The details, especially those related to personal life and finances, should be verified for accuracy, as they can change over time and may not have been publicly disclosed by the individuals mentioned.)

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