Renault Duster Price in India 2023, Review, Top Speed, Interior

Renault Duster Price in India 2023 – The Renault Duster that is also called the Renault Duster is nothing but the compact sport utility vehicle that SUV, which is produced and marketed jointly by the French type manufacturer that is Renault. The Renault is the Romanian sub diary of Renault since 2023. Now it is currently in the stage of the second generation and it launched in the autumn of 2023.

Renault Duster Price in India 2023

Renault Duster Price in India 2023

The Renault Duster is normally marketed in most of busy markets such as in India, in Iran, in Russia, Mexico, UAE, and southwest America. Renault Duster one of the popular cars in the world. The competitors of Renault Duster are Hyundai Venue, Nissan Kicks, Ford, Maruti, etc.

Renault Duster comes with the 3 different variants which are obviously famous and it also comes in the 7 colors such as, Pearl White, Mahogany Brown, Moonlight Silver, Slate Grey, Cayenne Orange, Caspian Blue and the last is Bronze.

The four doors double cab pickup was launched at the end of the year 2023 in South America as name as the Renault Duster Oroch.

Renault Duster in India:

In India Renault Duster was launched on the 4th of July 2023, and it comes with the different modifications and the improvements it was ready launched in the Market. The suspensions as well as the underside of the car also were strengthened to increase the off-roading suitability of the car.

The Renault Duster caris now available with the 10 different types of variants. Out of the 10 variants total, 8 are diesel dependent and the remaining 2 are petrol dependent. This Renault Duster version has also some additional safety features like door warning lights, central locking as well as the engine with protective undergirds.

Renault Duster India launched the All-wheel drive that is AWD version of the Duster at Rs. 11.89 Lakh, powering the new Renault Duster AWD us the 1.5-liter diesel engine and it produces the 110 bhp. Renault Duster also claims that affiance of the fuel of 19.72 kmpl from the new entrant.

The AWD feature of the SUV, it can be controlled by the toggle switches and that has the three option to select from the two-wheel drive, automatics and the four-wheel-drive that can manually locked.

Renault Duster Oroch:

The Renault Duster Oroch car is the double-cab pickup type of the car and the Renault Duster Oroch is the first car of the Duster which has the pickup and it also creates thelatest rangein the pickup market. This car has largerseats type than the normal car and it also has the real doors as total 4 doors instead of the usual smaller pickup which is two for the other cars.

Renault Duster Oroch was launched on the 18th June 2023, at the Buenos Aires which was the Motor Show and it was also reviewed by the concept car in 2023 in the Show of Paulo Motor. The Renault Duster Oroch car is sets from the September 2023 in Southwest America and it will get the automatic gearbox in the year of 2023.

The Renault Duster Oroch also powered by the 1.6 either or the near about the 2.0-liter petrol engine and the mated speed of Renault Duster Oroch was 5 speed or the 6-speed gearbox respectively.

First Generation of Renault Duster HS 2023:

The Renault Duster was initially introduced the ice racing car type of version that was all prepared for the Andros Trophy and it was showed for the first time on 17th November 2023. The production version of Renault Duster’s Pre-facelift was published on the media platform on 8th December 2023 and was also surprisingly released at the Motor Show ofGeneva that was done in March 2023.

This car also called the Renault Duster Nissan Terrano and the production years of the Renault Duster Nissan Terrano was from 2023 to 2023 in current from the local down, from 2023 to 2023 in Brazil, 2023 to present in the Russia and 2023 to present in India.

The safety things about Renault Design such as the crash data for these cars are less complete than for other SUV’s cars. As a truck of Class 3 is the Renault Design that has many DOT safety regulations.

The designer of the Renault Duster Nissan Terrano was Renault Design center of Europe. The drivers depend upon the study that is done by the firm which offers statistical information for the insurance companies. Also the drivers of the Renault Design have the national average for all the vehicles which are standard based on the number of violations such as 100,000 miles driven.

The facelift was presented in the Market in September 2023, in the show which name is Frankfurt Motor Show. The exterior of this car gets the important changes and improvements in the front with the new chromed grille and it also changes the designed headlights, roofs, and the new 16 inches of the wheels and the modest with the new modifications.

Besides the interior of this car also renewed with the design as well as similar features such as the designing part and other things. The Renault Design car has the standard features, security that also includes the child safety locks, then seat tethers as well as side airbags and stability control.

The marketing and the production of the Renault Duster’s first-generation were offered in Europe, Turkey, and Algeria from March 2023 with the prices starting from $11,900 for the two-wheel version of the drive and the 4×4 version.

From June 2023 Renault Duster is also available in Ukraine, Jordan, and Syria and some African countries while in the year from 2023 Renault Duster is also sold in the Persian Gulf States. After that 2023 the Renault Duster was sold as 40% worldwide and the Dacia Duster sold 60% in 2023. This is the average record of the Duster which is sold in 2023 and 2023.

Extended production till 2023:

In April 2023, the Renault Duster India had also confirmed about the second generation of the Renault Duster will not be coming to India and nor Mexico. The reason for not coming to India is this is not more suitable. So the first generation of the car will be spread the development, manufacturers and the production till 2023 before the third generation of Renault Duster is launched.

Second Generation of Renault Duster HM 2023:

2017 – Nouveau Renault Duster

The second generation of Renault Duster was announced within the 14th September 2023 to 24th September 2023 at the time of Frankfurt Motor Show which includes the actual Six Weeks later in November 2023. The production of Renault Duster is from 2023 to present in the world and Brazil it is from 2023. The Assembly of Renault Duster is in Brazil and Romania.

The new model has near about the same lengths and it also comes with the five seats just as the pre-launch that they will be a seven-seat model, it is also available. The Renault Duster of the second generation is built on the bases B0 platform as the first generation. It also includes features such as electric power steering that us EPS, a multi-view camera system which has all of 4 cameras and it also has the blind spot of the warning system.

In 2023 Renault first covered out across its Dacia range its renewed Euro6 compliant of 1.5-liter common rail turbo diesel type engine. To keep the low this engine that requires the injections such as exhaust system.

The second generation of Renault Dasia has 13 different versions and 3 types of fuel such as petrol, diesel, and petrol or LPG, drivetrains such as AWD and FWD as well as two types of gearboxes such as manual and automatic.

As the safety reasons in December 2023 EuroNCAP has published the results for the testing of the trash of the second generation model. It also received the three start out of five stars and the results being considered as the expected one, also besides that most of the cars get the five stars.

Dacia Duster awarded with the 27 points means out of 100% it gets 70% for the protection of adult occupant, 24 points means 56% for the pedestrian protection, and the 37% for the features and specification of the safety assists.

The frontal offset test of the Dacia Duster, it gets the marginal that is good for the protection ratings. Also while the passenger occupant gets adequate to the best ratings. Also in the frontal full width testing the head of the driver gets the poor ratings and the good rating for the rest of the designs and the body of Dacia Duster.

Next the protection of the Pedestrian was normally for the good as were recorded along with the bases of the windscreen as well as the stiff pillars of the windscreen. Besides the bumper also provides the best protection to pedestrians and the safety and protection of the pelvis were also best for all locations.

In terms of the protection equipment’s Dasia Duster was down rated and the reason is lack of the knee airbags, rear side chest airbags as well as it also has the emergency braking system. Besides it also gets the points for the availability of the limiter speed and the belt reminder of the seat.

Price of the Renault Duster in India:

The Ex-Showroom price

  • Renault Duster: 849,000/-
  • Duster Petrol RxS: 929,000/-
  • Duster Petrol RxZ: 999,000/-

New Duster car prices start from the Rs.8.49L with local taxes available.

  • New Model Duster Petrol RxE: 859,000/-
  • New Model Duster Petrol RxS: 939,000/-
  • New Model Duster Petrol RxZ: 999,000/-

Renault Duster India has launched the model which is BS6 Duster facelift at the price of Rs.8.49 lakh. It has only 1.5-liter petrol engine been updated, the deadline was April 2023 of the launching the Renault Duster with a 1.5-liter diesel.

There are some variants also of the Renault Duster and it also been joined with the top end of RxZ variant only for the petrol and the cost of this is near about Rs.9.99 Lakh. The Renault Duster doesn’t have the all-wheel-drive option because of the loss of the diesel.

The next variant is the Renault Duster RxE variant is now near around the Rs.50000 and more expensive as compare to the Renault Duster RxS variant as this is up to Rs. 10000 more expensive than the BS4 counterpart.

For the edition from 2023 and 2023 of the Dakar Rally the Renault Duster was surprisingly changed and now the features such as a V8 engine, SADEV gearbox, and the Reiger shock absorb as well as the Power break 6 piston calipers. Most of the time it also possible that you will get the second hand Renault Duster at a very affordable price.

Besides the Exterior of Renault Duster’s models reveals that the faced expressions of the Renault Duster. This is essentially the new and latest design designed by the group of Renault Duster.

The Dacia Duster also had the name to sell the ARO 10 on some markets like the UK, at the time the early 1980s and 1990s. It also offered the soft top and 2 door estate variants.


The Renault Duster is currently available in the 10 different types of variants. From the 10 variants total 8 are diesel dependent and the remaining 2 are petrol dependent. The existing models of Renault Duster are worked better until now.

There is a huge recommendation for the first two models of Renault Duster, RxS, and RxZ as well as the third generation also. The features and specifications quality of Renault Duster are amazing and it ii a more reliable car and used for military purposes.

We will get the new model of the Renault Duster is 2023. The new models also come with new designs and features. The specifications of the Renault Duster also attractive and many people recommended it to use. This Renault Duster version has also some additional safety features. So this is best car as compare to other.

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