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www.patientnotebook.com – If you need patient assistance, Patient Notebook is here to help. Patients can use this electronic payment management system to make payments and access a variety of additional online services. It can assist you in contacting your doctor immediately and checking your medical records online. It allows you to effortlessly pay your medical costs; these bills will be handled safely and privately.



If you want to benefit from Patient Notebook, you must first create an account, after which you will be able to access the benefits. Check the procedure here.

  • Create a Patient Notebook account.
  • Visit www.patientnotebook.com for more information.
  • You’ll see a box in the middle right corner where you can click ‘Create account’ towards the bottom.
  • Type in the same box,
  • Code of Invitation
  • The electronic mail address
  • Create an account with Patient Notebook.
  • Then select Create an account.

Contact your healthcare provider and seek an invitation to Patient Notebook to obtain the code you want. Your doctor will provide you with an Invitation Code that you can use to create a Patient Notebook account. You may also use an Invitation Code to add a new doctor to an existing Patient Notebook profile.

A statement can also be used to sign up. ‘Sign up with a statement’ is located at the bottom of the box.

On the following page, in the middle type,

  • Contact Information
  • Number of Accounts
  • Number of the Statement
  • Then select ‘Continue’.

To become signed up, you must check the later information.

If your provider currently uses Patient Notebook, you may join up using the information from your most recent statement.

If not, inform them that you’d like to use their services.

Accessing the Patient Notebook

Visit www.patientnotebook.com to sign up.

Click on the orange ‘Login’ button in the upper right corner.

On the following page, in the middle, there is a box where you may type,

The login name

Set the password

Login to the Patient Notebook

Then, choose ‘Login.’

You will be able to log in this way.

Password forgotten

If you’ve forgotten or lost your password, click ‘Forgot your password?’ in the same login window. You will be presented with a box into which you must input,

The email address used to signup.

Then press the ‘Submit’ button.

To recover the password, you must verify the later information.

Patient notepad features

Examine Your Medical Records

Control your health from anywhere, at any time. View your health history, including test results, medications, and care plans, that your healthcare practitioner prepares after each office visit. Your records have never been easier or more secure to access.

Consult and communicate

Stop playing phone tag and start texting instead. Doctors and other healthcare practitioners are prohibited from discussing medical topics through email due to privacy restrictions. Secure texting in Patient Notebook allows you to discuss any area of your health in complete privacy.

Pay Off Your Debts

Patient Notebook keeps an electronic copy of all invoices from your healthcare provider in one place, where you can examine, arrange, and pay them. There will be no more paper checks, stamp purchases, or treks to the mailbox.

Patient Notebook has further information.

Patient Notebook is a free service provided by your doctor.

Simply input your own Invitation Code in the spaces above, establish a short Patient Notebook profile, and you’ll be connected to your healthcare provider in minutes. Your doctor may also opt to send you an invitation with instructions from [email protected] to your e-mail address.

Patient Notebook demands that your doctor or healthcare provider validate your identification before providing you information through Patient Notebook to ensure that your medical data and sensitive healthcare communications are always safe.

Your doctor can provide a secret Invitation Code that Patient Notebook utilizes to ensure that you – and only you – can read the confidential and private medical information your healthcare providers submit through the corporate portal after confirming your identification over the phone or in person.

Only physicians and healthcare professionals who request access to Patient Notebook are visible and accessible on the site, for your protection. Encourage your fellow physicians to learn more about Patient Notebook by visiting www.patientnotebook.com. Tell your physician that you’d prefer to be able to connect with them securely online if they aren’t utilizing Patient Notebook.

Your statement will include your doctor’s own Patient Notebook online address, which will look something like www.patientnotebook.com/mydoctor. To see your doctor’s Patient Notebook website, simply type the whole web URL from your statement, including all information following the final.

You may then input your statement’s Statement ID and Account Number to view your bill, pay it, and – if you choose – sign up for Patient Notebook to receive and pay future invoices online at any time.

For the service providers, To learn more about Patient Notebook and how you can use it to engage patients and enhance your medical practice, go to www.Waystar.com.

You can access previous and scheduled future visits, prior statements, active payment plans, and your overall debt outstanding if your healthcare provider has opted to make this information public. The information and payment methods provided will differ from one supplier to the next. If you require any further account information, please contact us.

Most browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, are compatible with Patient Notebook. However, if you have toolbars installed in your browser (such as Google, Microsoft Live, Yahoo, or Ask.com), you may see surprising results. Whether this occurs, try removing or deleting any toolbars to see if the problem is resolved.

On the statement you got from us, the Account Number or Statement ID may be displayed.

You can make a one-time payment that will be transferred straight to your outstanding debt owed to your healthcare provider if you enter a valid Account Number and Statement ID. If you don’t have your Account Number or Statement ID, click the Make a Payment button and then pick the Pay Without Statement option. Fill in the blanks and submit.

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