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Bmw Price in India 2023 – BMW is car manufacturing company of Germany. The BMW stands for Bavarian Motors works. BMW is one of the most reputable brands around the world. However, BMW cars may not be very good in snow. BMW cars are certainly up there as ‘the best car on the road. The performance, looks, drive are all aspects of why it’s ranked so highly.

Bmw Price in India 2023

Bmw Price in India 2023

BMW India pvt ltd is a luxury car maker in India which is a auxiliary of the BMW Group. It was founded in 2023 and has its main office in Haryana. BMW India has its own manufacturing plant at Chennai which was established in 2023.

BMW sells a number of products across various segments including the BMW 1 Series, BMW 3 Series, BMW Gran Turismo, BMW 5 Series, BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe, BMW 7 Series, BMW X1, BMW X3, BMW X5, BMW X6, BMW Z4, BMW M3, BMW M4 Coupe, BMW M5, BMW M6 Gran Coupe, BMW X5M, BMW X6M and the BMW i8. The company has various dealerships across the covering major cities in India.

The first time you look at a BMW car, your first thought is of elegance and composure. Modeled to aerodynamic perfection the Bavarian originated brand is easily recognizable on the road with a commanding grille and aeroplane sequel logo.

Right from the engine to the overall performance, it has been sailing very smoothly. Talking about the engine BMW is known primarily for its engines and the power it delivers. On that very point it has been a roller-coaster ride. The maintenance of a BMW car is quite affordable as compared to other brands in the segment.

What are the positive and negative points of the BMW car?

The positive points of BMW car:

These are good looking cars and are a desirable sure sign of success. Few people fail to notice you own a Beemer and everybody knows what this signifies in terms of status.

All the BMW cars have attractive design inside and out. They turn heads.

There is a powerful engine with refined handling which puts one into sports mode does exactly what a driver expects.

There is presence of throttle response with new advanced techniques and firmer suspension is also available.

Interior design of the car is not only sporty look as well as stylish. There is good comfortable space from interior side.

After the test drive no one can say that it’s not good because it has the feel factor.

The negative points of BMW car:

They are complex to work on and it’s difficult to fault find and solve problems that in many countries make the car legally if not actually un-road worthy.

Some BMW models are so notorious for irresolvable electrical gremlins that many very good car mechanics will not touch them or will only agree to try to fix them by charging extortionate labor rates with no guarantee of fixing the problem.

These particular lemons are just not worth the hassle or potential reputation damage from the type of customers who typically buy BMWs.

Expensive specialist tools and proprietary software are required for servicing and repair. This puts off owners that enjoy doing their own servicing and repairing who are not already BMW fanatics.

Some parts of these models are very expensive which imports from outside of Europe

It can be very expensive to own where the cost of insurance and road tax is extortionately high

Their resale value justifiably drops off a sharp cliff if there isn’t a full service history from main dealer or specialist garage.

There are many neglected second hand examples because the servicing and parts are so expensive for BMWs out of their warranty period.

They have the reputation of being owned from new by aggressive obnoxious drivers. Audi attracts the same vein of the population.


The previous model of automakers which contain the BMW series 5 and 6 is the inspiration behind the new creation of the BMW X 6 models. This model is introduced in automobile market as unique sports activity coupe.

The variants of BMW X6 are as:

  • xDrive30d
  • xDrive 30d M Sport Limited Edition


Is there any engineering level muscle or is looks as sporty vehicle? No matter how it looks but believe that ride of the BMW X3 is delight for all kinds of drivers.

BWW X3 Variants are as:

  • BMW X3 XDrive18d
  • BMW X3 XDrive20d


The German automaker launched a luxury compact SUV in the year of 2023 which named as BMW X4. In 5.8 seconds, this car model runs over road with speed of zero to 62 mph. teh variant of this model is BMW X4 XDrive20d.

BMW 5 Series:

It’s a good car. It’s a perfect car for my mother to do all of her stuff. Well actually, unreliable isn’t really the right term. It’ll always get you to your destination. But a lot of parts of the car break, and they’re expensive to replace.

BMW 5 Series Sedan Variants list is:

  • BMW 5-Series Sedan 520d Luxury
  • BMW 5-Series Sedan 520d M Sport
  • BMW 5-Series Sedan 530d Luxury


It is mid-luxury car of BMW which surely like you as it give ever lasting impression with its cool body look.

BMW X5 variants price list in India:

  • xDrive40i M Sport: Rs. 82.90 Lakh
  • xDrive30d x-Line: Rs. 82.90 Lakh
  • xDrive30d Sport: Rs. 73.30 Lakh

This will differ – dealers may wish to negotiate as they have probably not sold many cars lately because of the pandemic. Accessories and options will bring the price up in addition.


BMW X1 is the BMW lowest price car in India. It is the only car on BMW’s line-up that costs less than Rs 40 lakh . The X1 is now on offer in four variants, sDrive20i SportX, sDrive20i xLine, sDrive20d xLine, and sDrive20d M Sport.

There are both types of engine diesel and petrol is available for the BMW C1 car model. Compared with other cars of the BMW or other cars of the same price, the BMW is not as well-equipped and feature-rich. However, it offers a superb driving experience and excellent ride quality.

It gets some decent features, for example, a panoramic sunroof, cruise control, rear AC vent, power-adjustable front seats with memory function, tyre pressure monitoring system and dual-zone climate control. Admittedly, for a car of this price bracket, it should have included features like head-up display, passive keyless entry system, 360-degree camera, powered tailgate, and digital instrument cluster.

BMW 3 Series GT:

The 3 Series GT is the Gran Turismo version of the 3 Series. There was a rumor that the BMW will drop the GT version after the launch of the new BMW 3 Series. However, this fastback 3 Series is now still available in two variants, Luxury Line and M Sport.


BMW X3 is the most affordable SUV models offered by BMW and one of the BMW lowest price cars in India. The mid-sized SUV’s starting price is Rs 56.0 lakh however; the top-spec variant is priced at only 60.9 lakh which is lower than the top-spec 5 Series.

This is a good option if you are looking for a luxury SUV under 60 lakh, which can serve as a family car. It comes with tech-loaded and spacious interior along with strong road presence. The excellent handling also gives you the sporty driving experience. It is available with two engines, a 3.0-litre diesel engine and a 2.0-litre petrol engine.

BMW car price in India:

Pricing is one of the biggest concerns when it comes to buying cars. It was the most critical thing to consider especially in the entry-level segment. The same remains true even in the more expensive and up market segment like luxury cars.

For the same amount of money, the customers can comfortably afford attractive and well-equipped models from the regular car brand; however, some car buyers are willing to scratch their budget to purchase entry-level cars from luxury car brand.

The reason is simple. The comfort and the pride that this luxury car brand can bring is the compelling force that urges people to seek after pricey cars. BMW is one of those desirable car brands.

The German luxury car brand is currently offering a total of 14 modes in our market with the price ranging from around Rs 35 lakh to over 1.5 Crore mark. The most inexpensive car of BMW is the X1 which is priced from Rs 35.9 lakh to Rs 42.9 Lakh. Some of BMW lowest price cars in India are the 3 Series, X3 and 5 Series.

BMW Z4 price list:

The ex-showroom and on-road price of the BMW Z4 in the popular cities of India:

  • Bangalore: Rs 64.91-78.90 lakh and Rs20-102.50 lakh
  • New Delhi: Rs 64.90-78.90 lakh and Rs 77.3-97.58 lakh
  • Kolkata: Rs 64.90-78.91 lakh and Rs55-95.14 lakh
  • Mumbai: Rs 64.90-78.98 lakh and Rs86-97.9 lakh
  • Pune: Rs 64.90-78.92 lakh and Rs29.-97.63 lakh
  • Kochi: Rs 64.92-78.90 lakh and Rs98-95.97 lakh
  • Hyderabad: Rs 64.90-78.90 lakh and Rs15-95.82 lakh
  • Chennai: Rs 64.97-78.97 lakh and Rs55-96.15 lakh

BMW X4 price list:

The ex-showroom and on-road price of the BMW X4 in the popular cities of India:

  • Hyderabad: Rs 60.6-65.9 lakh and Rs 69.9-73.23 lakh
  • New Delhi: Rs 60.6-65.93 lakh and Rs 68.5-73.47 lakh
  • Kochi: Rs 60.6-65.93 lakh and Rs 69.4-72.78 lakh
  • Kolkata: Rs 60.6-65.99 lakh and Rs 66.2-71.91 lakh
  • Chennai: Rs 60.6-65.9 lakh and Rs 69.8-74.34 lakh
  • Bangalore: Rs 60.6-65.91 lakh and Rs 74.78-79.54 lakh
  • Mumbai: Rs 60.6-65.92 lakh and Rs 70.1-75.2 lakh
  • Pune: Rs 60.6-65.97 lakh and Rs 69.4-74.87 lakh

BMW X3 price list:

  • New Delhi: Rs 56.01-58.90 lakh and Rs 66.3-69.59 lakh
  • Bangalore: Rs 56.00-58.87 lakh and Rs 71.99-75.54 lakh
  • Chennai: Rs 56.02-58.89 lakh and Rs 68.66-72.15 lakh
  • Hyderabad: Rs 56.00-58.82 lakh and Rs10-70.43 lakh
  • Kochi: Rs 56.04-58.84 lakh and Rs 70.40-73.91 lakh
  • Mumbai: Rs 56.01-58.87 lakh and Rs 67.74-71.14 lakh
  • Kolkata: Rs 56.00-58.83 lakh and Rs 62.25-65.35 lakh
  • Pune: Rs 56.03-58.80 lakh and Rs 69.04-72.42 lakh

What is the reason of BMW cars being very costly?

The brand BMW mainly focuses on customers who wish for luxury. Not only BMW but other companies like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Jaguar, etc. also focus on such customers.

Due to the following some reasons the BMW cars are costly:

Build Quality:

These cars are solid enough to withstand collisions at mostly any speeds.

Safety: Manufacturers before selling their products always ensure that they are safe for passengers as well as pedestrians. To ensure that they provide a bunch of features which is life saving. If yes then that would be the rarest i.e. May be 1 out of 1000 crashed BMWs.


The comfort provided by these luxury cars is unparalleled. No other budget car can give such comfort to its passengers. Combined with some creature comforts or gimmicks the luxury experience gets enhanced by almost 10 times than that of a budget car.

Refined and Performance oriented engines:

Talking about their engines, these cars are silent enough when these cars are turned on and that’s because of the engine refinement and also some credit goes to the insulation of the cabin to prevent noise from entering in. These engines are also eager enough to make the car leap forward in just a touch of the A-pedal.

Import duties:

The import duties in India are high when it comes to luxury cars. Even if they are built in India certain components are imported from other countries on import duties are imposed which increases their prices of cars.


All models listed above are the lowest BMW price cars in India for the new car market. However, if you cannot afford the new BMW cars, you can opt for the used BMW cars which are more affordable.

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