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Jaguar Price in India 2023 – Jaguars do not only look good in the wild but look equally majestic when they hit the road. However, Jaguar cars are best when seldom used and it is only then that they maintain their presence on the roads.

Jaguar Price in India 2023

Jaguar Price in India 2023

Buying an Audi used car is much added premeditated move than departing for a used Jaguar for Audi’s durability is unmatched. Audi approved plus is a highly recommended portal for getting your dream German Audi.

A dream ride for many, the Jaguar moniker belongs to one of the world’s best luxury vehicle lineups. Here are some pros and cons of owning a Jaguar:


  • Jaguar is a top premium luxury car brand
  • It is packed with power, safety, sophistication, innovation, and luxury
  • The interiors reflect sheer opulence


  • Repairs can be expensive
  • Not all towns offer service facilities

If you want to take your comprehensive jaguar warranty even further, the jaguar extended warranty has your back. This includes coverage against unanticipated vehicle failure for mechanical and electrical components like the power train control unit, catalytic converter, turbocharger or supercharger, air conditioning, infotainment, and more.

Jaguar Car Price in India

Jaguar XE new car price list popular cities of India with the ex-showroom and on-road price:

  • New Delhi: Rs 40.62 – 47.0 Lakh and Rs 47.34-55.89 lakh
  • Kochi: Rs 40.61 – 47.08 Lakh and Rs 50.94-58.97 lakh
  • Mumbai: Rs 40.61 – 47.01 Lakh and Rs 48.79-57.37 lakh
  • Pune: Rs 40.61 – 47.0 Lakh and Rs 49.89-57.34 lakh
  • Chennai: Rs 40.61 – 47.03 Lakh and Rs 49.89-57.38 lakh
  • Bangalore: Rs 40.61 – 47.02 Lakh and Rs 51.24-59.31 lakh
  • Hyderabad: Rs 40.61 – 47.0 Lakh and Rs 47.94-56.76 lakh
  • Kolkata: Rs 40.61 – 47.40 Lakh and Rs 47.03-54.19 lakh

Jaguar XF new car price list popular cities of India with the ex-showroom and on-road price:

  • New Delhi: Rs 49.78 – 61.38 Lakh and Rs 59.04-72.59 lakh
  • Hyderabad: Rs 49.78 – 61.38 Lakh and Rs62-74.33 lakh
  • Kolkata: Rs 49.78 – 61.35 Lakh and Rs27-70.27 lakh
  • Mumbai: Rs 49.78 – 61.37 Lakh and Rs 60.73-74.88 lakh
  • Bangalore: Rs 49.78 – 61.49 Lakh and Rs 62.68-71.18 lakh
  • Pune: Rs 49.78 – 61.37 Lakh and Rs59-75.75 lakh
  • Kochi: Rs 49.78 – 61.39 Lakh and Rs 62.42-76.98 lakh
  • Chennai: Rs 49.78 – 61.99 Lakh and Rs 62.97-77.29 lakh

Jaguar XJ new car price list popular cities of India with the ex-showroom and on-road price:

  • Bangalore: Rs 1.11 Crore and Rs 1.38 Crore
  • New Delhi: Rs 1.12 Crore and Rs 1.31 Crore
  • Pune: Rs 1.14 Crore and Rs 1.35 Crore
  • Chennai: Rs 1.12 Crore and Rs 1.37 Crore
  • Mumbai: Rs 1.13 Crore and Rs39 Crore
  • Kolkata: Rs 1.11 Crore and Rs29 Crore
  • Kochi: Rs 1.13 Crore and Rs30 Crore
  • Hyderabad: Rs 1.11 Crore and Rs32 Crore

Jaguar F-Pace new car price list popular cities of India with the ex-showroom and on-road price:

  • Mumbai: Rs 64.23 – 64.64 Lakh and Rs 76.96-78.70 lakh
  • Hyderabad: Rs 64.24 – 64.64 Lakh and Rs 76.88-77.36 lakh
  • New Delhi: Rs 64.23 – 64.65 Lakh and Rs 74.31-76.48 lakh
  • Kolkata: Rs 64.23 – 64.94 Lakh and Rs 73.4-73.86 lakh
  • Bangalore: Rs 64.23 – 64.68 Lakh and Rs 80.73-81.23 lakh
  • Kochi: Rs 64.23 – 64.66 Lakh Rs 80.54-81.53 lakh
  • Chennai: Rs 64.23 – 64.67 Lakh and Rs 78.67-79.16 lakh
  • Pune: Rs 64.23 – 64.67 Lakh and Rs 77.84-79.66 lakh

Jaguar F-Type new car price list popular cities of India with the ex-showroom and on-road price:

  • Kochi: Rs 90.93 Lakh – 2.81 Crore and Rs14-3.52 Crore
  • Pune: Rs 90.94 Lakh – 2.81 Crore and Rs16-3.15 lakh
  • New Delhi: Rs 90.93 Lakh – 2.87 Crore and Rs 1.05-3.20 Crore
  • Hyderabad: Rs 90.93 Lakh – 2.82 Crore and Rs 1.09-3.35 lakh
  • Bangalore: Rs 90.94 Lakh – 2.88 Crore and Rs14-3.53 Crore
  • Kolkata: Rs 90.95 Lakh – 2.80 Crore and Rs 1.01-3.98 Crore
  • Mumbai: Rs 90.97 Lakh – 2.86 Crore and Rs 1.17-3.19 Crore
  • Chennai: Rs 90.93 Lakh – 2.80 Crore and Rs 1.10-3.36 Crore

Is it worth buying a Jaguar XF?

It’s a premium performance luxury car that is worth all the money on the tag. The predecessor is the reason of the stylish look of this model.

Aluminum-intensive chassis, tight front and rear overhangs, cab back designs, and a sleeker, sportier appearance definitely makes this one a looker.

On the inside, it’s all high tech paired with fine leather and wooden accents. Overall, the car is a pleasingly contemporary, but maintains its bespoke charm. While driving it, the engine gives way to a rolling comfort the most attractive feature of the Jaguar XF. It’s an agile car that is well balanced. So, definitely it is worth buying for Jaguar XF.

Comparison between Jaguar XE and Mercedes-Benz C-Class:

If you’re looking for a sporty, luxury sedan then definitely go for Jaguar XE. When it comes to driving, the handling and feel of the car is just phenomenal. In terms of looks, the XE probably has the sportiest appearance from the segment.

Compared to the Jaguar car, very common sedan silhouette is offered by the Mercedes C-Class car model. It’s just a great car overall. The reviews for Jaguar XE are really great and it’s definitely a car worth its price tag.

Jaguar F-Type:

A loyal fan base is the main attractive point behind the creation of the Jaguar F. The starting price is $67,000, quite a bargain for few. The base model provides the best gas mileage and the R trim is really fast. With its muscular performance, the year of 2023 Jaguar F-Type is a very luxurious car to ride.

Electric steering introduction the models have replaced the outgoing model’s hydraulic steering system. The 2023 Jaguar F-Type attracts a lot of attention and poise. It is a car of class with appeal.

Drivers just love the drive of this car model due to following features of the car:

The F-Type comes with a manual gearbox and an automatic transmission. In fact, the automatic-equipped F-Type is the fastest. The overall responsiveness of this transmission is huge than average. This is a significant plus point for the drivers who do not want to sacrifice any performance.

The car is extremely fast. Whether cruising all along the road or track, the F-Type’s superb handling inspires a lot of confidence.

The exhaust usually delivers a quiet growl but when cruising around the town, it begins to open up as the throttle is pushed. Although the coupe appeals the drivers, the convertible does offer a very unique driving experience. To provide extra security, the convertible models have also been engineered with a superb rollover protection system.

Jaguar XE project 8:

It may be an entry-level saloon in Jaguar’s line-up but it does not get mightier than this. Project 8 is what happens when you generously performance pile a Jaguar XE with manic performance parts.

With only 300 examples of the Jaguar XE Project 8 was already the fastest saloon on the infamous Nordschleife Nurburgring. In this new feat, XE broke its previous record by 2.9seconds and now stands 7seconds faster than its next saloon competitor.

Jaguar Project 8 development drivers Vincent Radermecker is Belgium race driver who piloted it to a nerve-racking 7min 18.36sec lap time. If you do Jaguar XE Project 8 is available in three trims.

Lightweight Track Pack in 2-seater configuration. Used for breaking this record here. There is the 4-seater version of the track pack. It has the same performance figures with the same aero aids. A Touring spec variant limited to 15 units. It has a top speed of 299kmph and a fixed rear wing.

In India why is Jaguar not as popular as BMW, Audi and Merc?

Almost a decade back when BMW, Audi and Mercedes actually started making a mark in the Indian car market, Jaguar was certainly nowhere to be seen on the transportation. Though Jaguar was always on our mind, but when people could touch and feel an Audi parked around the curb, they could still just imagine how it would be to see a Jaguar for real.

When we talk about popularity, we should not limit to the perspective of the affluent class having the actual potential to make such a purchase, rather we should concentrate on looking at the bigger picture which in turn boils down to volumes and visibility.

Looking at the latest sales figures of BMW and Jaguar, BMW today ranks as the third best selling luxury brand in India closely followed by Merc and Audi, the latter being the market leader.

In 2023, BMW reported sales of almost 160,000 units in the country whereas Jaguar stood at almost 50,000 units approximately one third of the market share. Now you can calculate the visibility of the former brands being thrice that if Jaguar, hence the added popularity.

Now when we look at why such a stark difference in volumes, the answer is very simple.

While Audi and BMW offer you exclusive corporate discounts on their cars, Jaguar follows stringent pricing strategies that make the brand stand out unique.

India has witnessed appreciable penetration in luxury automotive industry very recently and surely Audi and others have gained more popularity, but it is not like Jaguar is not popular or not liked. It stands apart in both class and price and is turning out to be one of the most sought after luxury brands in the Indian market.

What is it like to drive a Jaguar XJ or XF?

Jaguar is masters of the blower. The existing supercharger of this car model is the TVS. It gives instant power with none of the lag you get with turbos. It just makes their supercharged 3.0 engine perform like a much larger one.

Jag also does transmission tuning like no other. The paddles are as fast as you’d want and fool people all the time. Yet they can shift butter smooth when you want to just stick it in auto mode (D).

Light-powerful engines-incredible suspensions. The XJ and XF are now both full aluminum and if the XF has the adaptive shocks that are standard on the XJ, they are now very close in comfort. Both can tighten up in the Dynamic Mode. It is firm for bad roads but fantastic control when the roads are good.

At speed around the big ovals every Jag is rock steady. The BMW sedans are good as well but every non AMG Mercedes has fallen on its face. It’s a sickening feeling to have a car start oscillating when you going 100 + mpg around a big corner. You back off the throttle and just want to pull over.

The driving experience in the XJ can be either of two things, depending on your mood. Drive calmly, and it sort of wafts along gracefully with a minimum of fuss. The 8-speed automatic somehow always seems to be in the right gear, and gear changes are very smooth. It would make a great long-distance cruiser.

But shut off the motorway and against a tortuous nation road, and you can experience the car’s other side. The XJ can be hurried along at speeds remarkable for its bulk- this is a big car. The steering feedback is excellent and the handling reassuring.

Another great way to experience the XJ is not to drive it at all. The rear seat area is comfortable and luxurious, with loads of leg room and ergonomic seats. In fact, for the Chinese market being chauffeured around is popular enough that most of the marketing is aimed towards being a rear-seat passenger.


One thing that Jaguar got against all the other cars is its more exciting shape. That’s what a Jaguar will do. There will be certain elegance about a Jaguar. Each line has a beautiful line to look at and easy to understand, without complication. The constraint of curved surfaces taking more room than flat surfaces also adds look to it.

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