TellHCO – Get 15% OFF – Hollister & Co Survey

TellHCO: Are you a regular client who buys from Hollister through Tellhco? Do you want to take advantage of the best services and be entered to win some Hollister goods at full retail price? Hold on tight and read this manual to learn more about the Hollister survey. The survey seeks to help the customer have a remarkable experience by learning about how they feel about their typical shopping.


However, the survey depends on the respondents being truthful and offering valid feedback. You must be truthful enough to express your exact feelings about your experiences after visiting the Hollister locations in order to be eligible for the survey. Next, based on the customer service you receive at the store, you can rate several categories.

Hollister surveys: What are they?


In order to quickly improve Hollister’s services, a way of getting consumer feedback called the Tellhco-Hollister Survey aims to understand more about customers’ thoughts and experiences. The survey is straightforward to complete and provides rewards for doing so. A single 15% off voucher is given to the participant for all full-priced purchases. The survey is quick and straightforward. It is easy to complete and should just take three minutes. Are you prepared to participate? Pay close attention to the regulations and requirements for survey participation. The survey criteria are crucial in many ways. Some of the requirements and Tellhco survey participation guidelines below may help you choose the right people to ask for feedback from your experiences.

Conditions for taking the Tellhco-Hollister survey

Participants in the Tellhco survey are subject to a number of requirements and criteria. Your eligibility to take part in a Tellhco survey can be determined by taking into account the following variables: To be eligible for the Tellhco customer satisfaction survey, you must have visited a Hollister store.

  • You must be a citizen of the United States.
  • There is only room for one entry per phone number and email address.
  • A smartphone, laptop, or other smart device
  • An uninterrupted internet connection
  • Browsers that are suggested for using with the Hollister Survey site
  • The time and date of your most recent visit to Hollister Shops must be with you at all times. Name and email address of yourself
  • A survey code at the bottom of the receipt
  • Limitations of the Tellhco-Hollister Survey
  • You must be at least 18 years old to participate in the survey.
  • Employees at Tellhco-Hollister are ineligible to participate in the survey.
  • Each entry is limited to one price per person.
  • More than one entry for a single purchase won’t be taken into consideration.

Instructions for taking the Hollister Survey

If you take the Tellhco Hollister Survey, the procedures will be quick and simple for you. During the survey, you will be asked for suggestions, remarks, complaints, and compliments. With this information, the organisation will easily understand what the customers want improved, maintained, or corrected. While submitting your proposal, you will also be given an exclusive deal: a one-time use coupon code for 15% off. If you have the code, you can use it the next time you visit the shop or online. You may complete the survey and get your discount coupon code by following these easy steps: Visit the Hollister survey website.

For the survey process, pick a language that works for you.

At the bottom of your purchase receipt is a survey code that you must enter. Enter the code without the hyphens.

To begin the Tellhco survey, click “Next”.

Provide the appropriate ratings for each department based on your visit to the store. You might rate the staff’s reaction, the cleanliness, and the conduct, for instance. The wait time is another area that can be rated.

Answer each question truthfully based on your most recent store visit experience. Your name, phone number, and email address should be entered appropriately. After that, press “Submit” to finish the Tellhco Hollister Consumer Feedback questionnaire.

You will receive a notification on the email address you supplied once the Tellhco survey is finished. The email will include contain the 15% off coupon code’s requirements and usage instructions. If you encounter any issues that call for additional consultation during or after the survey procedure, you may also get in touch with support via the Tellhco official customer care site to get answers and insights into your questions.


Hollister is committed to providing customers with the best, most trustworthy services possible. Surveys from Tellhco Hollister are essential for improving their offerings and ensuring client happiness. The company uses the consumer input it gets through surveys to target the areas where customers are most unhappy while maintaining high standards in the areas where customers are most pleased.

If you’re a client of Tellhco, you can simply check the guide to see if you qualify to take part in the survey. To take advantage of the opportunity, please visit the survey portal right away if you meet the conditions, register, and honestly answer all of the questions. Don’t worry; the survey will only take a few minutes of your time.

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