Tractor Price in India 2023 – Shortlisted 10 Best Tractors [Review]

Tractor Price in India 2023 – A tractor is the backbone of the agriculture industry. Isn’t it? Yes, they are used for multiple tasks like plowing, cultivating, fertilizing etc. Initially, the tractors were limited to some agricultural tasks but now they are used for advanced tasks like spreading fertilizer and cleaning bushes.

Looking for a tractor to buy? But hard to find which model is best for you. To help you I am going to mention the top ten tractors in India.

Tractor-Price-in-India 2023

Tractor Price in India 2023

Top ten tractors you must check before you buy one!

Tractor Price in India 2023

Mahindra 585 DI. (3*)

Mahindra 585 is designed to perform difficult operations in farming with ease. You can combine this tractor with different tools like potato planter, reaper, rotavator, leveler and reaper.

This model has 4 cylinders 3054cc Diesel Engine able to give an output of 50 HP. It ensures efficient, powerful results and able to work longer.

Key features of Mahindra 585 DI

This is an ergonomically designed vehicle that has a comfortable seat that you can use for long working hours without any fatigue. It has Partial Constant Mesh Transmission, Mechanical steering power steering is optional, and Dry (optional Oil immersed Brakes). Top 10 Tractor Review 2023

It can be used with modern equipment like a rotavator, threshers, plough etc. This is 50 HP category tractors ideal for all types of crops like sugarcane, wheat, rice etc.

The tractor has the best in class PTO power output of 45 HP and can lift approx. 1640 kg with an option of reverse PTO. You will get a 2000 hr or 2 years warranty on this model.

Tractor Price in India 2023

Swaraj 855 FE (4*)

Swaraj 855 FE is a robust vehicle designed for field and hard soil operations. Due to its excellent performance, this model is highly demanded by the people. It is a great and perfect vehicle for Indian farmers.

The tractor has a 3-cylinder water-cooled engine with a power output of 52 HP with engine rated RPM of 2000 RPM.

Key features of Swaraj 855 FE

The tractor is equipped with 2 PTO speed and reverse PTO which is helpful to operate equipment like chaff cutter and rotavator.

This vehicle contains a directional control valve for ease of operations in implements like reversible M.B. plough, Loader, Dozer etc. The bigger tires ensure the grip and less slippage during field operation as well as transport.

The power steering ensures the ease of operations, the Dual-clutch and adjustable front axle ensures great output and suitability.

Oil-immersed brakes offer great breaking increase efficiency, need lesser maintenance and long-lasting performance. The weight lifting capacity of the vehicle is 1500 kg. The warranty on this item is 2000 hr/2 year.

Tractor Price in India 2023

John Deere 5050E

This is one of the most powerful and economical tractors for farmers. It is equipped with a powerful engine, nice comfort and latest technology. This is a versatile vehicle and can be used for more than 30 applications including haulage.

Key features of John Deere 5050E

The tractor is featured with Synchromesh Transmission, Power Steering and Oil immersed Brakes. It is fitted with features like collar shift gearbox, PTO NSS, water separator, finger guard, Digital meter etc.

The accessories like a canopy, canopy holder, wagon hitch and Tow hook are available with it. A mobile charging point is available that helps the operator to charge the phone while driving.

It has a lifting capacity of 2000 kg can work with a variety of implements like cultivator, rotavator, planter etc. John Deere comes with a warranty of 5000 hr or 5 years warranty.

Tractor Price in India 2023

Massey Ferguson 1035 DI

This is a 3-cylinder 36 HP tractor operates at rated RPM 2500. It is robustly and rigidly designed regarded as a classic in the world of tractors.

Key features of Massey Ferguson 1035 DI

The tractor has an adjustable front axle that can be used for construction applications. It has a deluxe adjustable seat, raised platform; toolbox, bottle holder, superior operator comfort and mobile charging unit are the comfortable feature. Top 10 Tractor Review 2023

The weight lifting capacity of the tractor is 1100 kg. The safety feature of the tractor is it starts in Neutral gear. It comes with a 2000 hr/ 2-year warranty.

Tractor Price in India 2023

Swaraj 855XM (4*)

It is a 3-cylinder water-cooled engine with 52 HP engine rated RPM of 1800. The tractor is equipped with extra oil cooler for better cooling of engine oil. It is designed with a 3-stage oil bath type air cleaner to ensure smooth performance and clean air supply.

Key features of Swaraj 855XM

This vehicle is featured with 2 PTO speed and reverse PTO that helps the equipment like chaff cutter and rotavator. The robust tractor is built for difficult and hard soil operations.

The weight lifting capacity of the truck is 1700 kg. The senility hydraulics are meant for a performance like a cultivator, rotavator, seed drill, potato planter etc. It helps to maintain uniform depth for better yield.

The tractor has more leg space that helps to easily enter and exit into it. The bigger tires of the tractor are designed for better gripping and lesser chances of slippage. The power steering ensures ease of operation. This product has a 2000 hr/2year warranty. Top 10 Tractor Review 2023

Eicher 333 Super Plus (3*)

Eicher 333 is one of the economical tractors available in 36 HP engine equipped with 3 cylinders. The vehicle is featured with a Combination of Constant and Sliding Mesh Transmission Oil Immersed Breaks. The power steering ensures smooth drive and the tractor is also known for its efficiency.

Key features

The tractor is simply designed containing a bottle holder and mobile charging point. The weight of the tractor is balanced towards the front of the tractor; it is extra stable for carrying heavy loads.

It can lift 1600 kg so it becomes suitable for a variety of implements cultivator, plough, planter etc. Three-point linkages with automatic depth and draft control can do more than 20 applications including haulage. You can enjoy a warranty of 2500 hr/ 3 years on Eicher 333 Super Plus.


Tractor Price in India 2023

New Holland Excel 6010 (3*)

Holland is a 3 cylinder engine that can produce 60 HP Power. This is a uniquely featured tractor containing factory fitted canopy that built-in the ROPs safety system.

Key features of New Holland Excel

It has a Dry-type air cleaner with intercooler technology that ensures multiple operations without heating the engine. The oil-immersed breaks work great for longer and better braking. Large tires, factory fitted front weights results in higher traction and less slippage. Top 10 Tractor Review 2023

To ensure the operator’s comfort, it contains a modern seat, advance digital control panel, mobile charger and tillable steering flat floor. No warranty is applies to this product.

Tractor Price in India 2023

Sonalika DI 52 RX Tiger Series

This model has 4-cylinder 50 HP powerful and efficient engine rated RPM 2200. The tractor is equipped with Constant mesh gearbox with planetary reduction. The 8 forward and 2 reverse gears ensure multiple operations with ease.


Key features of Sonalika DI 52 RX Tiger Series

Power steering, deluxe seat, oil-immersed breaks and digital instrument cluster ensures the operator’s comfort.

The larger tank means longer working hours. HDM engine gives great torque and good fuel efficiency. It has a company fitted Direct control valve for tipping bucket operations or similar operations.

Large tires, more legroom and wide platform ensure grip and less slippage. The weight lifting capacity of the tractor is 2000 kg. It comes with a 3000 hr/3 hrs warranty.

Tractor Price n India 2023

Kubato MU4501 2WD (*)

This model is equipped with a 4-cylinder water-cooled 45 HP engine RPM 2500. Direct fuel injection offers a great combination of power, durability and fuel efficiency.

Key Features of Kubato MU4501 2WD

The bevel gear 4-wheel drive reduces the turning radius that ensures traction at steering angle and the watertight seal is helpful for pudlling operations. It is equipped with key stop solenoid; it means you can just turn the key to stop the engine just like a car. Top 10 Tractor Review 2023

A balancer shaft is found in its engine that reduces the vibration. Independent dual PTO makes operations easy. The weight lifting capacity of the tractor is 1640 kg. Kubato comes with a 5-years warrantTractor Price in India 2023

Indo Farm 3040 DI (3*)

This model is equipped with a 3-cylinder powerful engine that can generate 45 HP. The robust design of the tractor can be used for rigorous tasks of farming as well as commercial activities. Despite, it is easy to use can work with more than 30 applications.

Key features of Indo Farm 3040 DI

The 2856 cc of Engine capacity can produce adequate torque for many applications. It comes with 8 Forward and 2 Reverse Gears to manage various speed options.

The tractor is versatile and durable can be used for crops like wheat, rice, sugarcane etc. It can lift 1400 kg so it becomes suitable for a variety of implements like cultivator, rotavator, planter etc.

Tractor companies in India are getting fame day by day because the companies providing tractors as per the customer’s requirement. I hope you must get all the detailed information about the best ten tractors models in India.

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