Volvo Bus Price in India 2023, Mileage, Images, Seating Capacity

Volvo Bus Price in India 2023 – Volvo is one of the largest manufacturers of buses and coaches. The company has provided real comfort when it comes to traveling on a bus. You will not feel like you are sitting on a bus and traveling. These buses are available for short as well as long tours.

These buses are designed in Europe and built in India at Volvo buses at Hosakote Banglore. Volvo is one of the biggest manufacturers of large buses.

Volvo Bus Price in India 2023

Volvo Bus Price in India 2023


Why Volvo Buses safe as compared to other buses?

When it comes to a vehicle no matter it is personal or commercial safety comes first! Isn’t it?

India is following the same safety guidelines applicable in developed countries. The bus contains all the features like Anti-lock Braking System, Parking brakes, Power steering, Hill hold, tubeless tires and Parking Brakes. Volvo Bus Price in India 2023

Safety of driver and passengers

Safety is the main concern of Volvo Group this is followed in the manufacturing of these vehicles.

The safe driving in terms of stability, braking, handling and driver training. This vehicle is focused on the safe structure which protects it against collisions and roll-over.

Fire safety

The buses are at the forefront of security when it comes to fire safety. This safety is due to its design, development, manufacturing and material used in making this vehicle. Temperature sensors are positioned in the bus to provide early warning of fire. Volvo Bus Price in India 2023

You can choose to install fire detection and suppression in the luggage compartment. The material used in the making of this bus is carefully tested and verified for flammability.

Few safety features

A lesser amount of heat in the engine and passenger area.

The appropriate rating of electrical items used on the bus.

In case of an emergency, it is vital to evacuate passengers as soon as possible. The bus has emergency doors on the right-hand side and the windows can be breakable using a hammer. Due to these features, one can easily evacuate a 53-seater bus within a fraction of minutes.

Is the lightweight of Volvo is a necessity or a trend?

With the new technology and design, it is important to focus on the performance of a vehicle especially in the area of fuel consumption, safety and emission. It is a lightweight vehicle without compromising on structural strength and durability.

Volvo 9400XL Bus

It is a first-class vehicle that offers great comfort to the driver and the passengers. Simply it’s a luxury coach that gives superior comfort and quality to your travel. You will enjoy your journey no matter how long it is. This is a fuel-efficient vehicle having a BS-IV engine. Volvo Bus Price in India 2023

Engine of 9400XL

The 6X2 engine of the bus offers great efficiency with minimum maintenance, low fuel and long life. The 9.4-liter diesel engine produces 340 HP at 1900 rpm. The top speed of the bus is 100 kmph.

The capacity of the fuel tank

The capacity of the fuel tank is 600 liters with filling options on both sides. It is suitable for a long drive there is no need to frequently refuel it during the ride.

Comfortable journey

Volvo is extended into spacious interiors from all walks to enjoy its 6×2 experience. It is a perfect combination of function with style and comfort that takes a vehicle to new heights.

Safety point of view

The bus has safety features like Anti-lock Braking System, Parking brakes, Power Steering, Hill Hold and tubeless tires.

Volvo 8400 City Bus

This bus is specially designed for the city people. The interior and exterior of the bus are super nice and comfortable. One of the best things about 8400 city bus is Rear-mounted, 6-cylinders, 290 horsepower, and6-speed automatic fully automatic gearbox system.

Engine 8400 City Bus

Its engine is tough, durable and fuel-efficient initially it was designed for Volvo heavy trucks. The Engine of the bus has D7E 290, 6 cylinders, 7-liter diesel engine which can produce 200 HP at 2100 rpm.

Smooth of reliable transmission

It has 6 speed fully automatic transmissions that offer great progress and ride. The bus has a smooth and reliable transmission system. The disk brakes are at the front and rear and brakes EBS offers fatigue-free braking experience to the driver.

Tubeless tires

The bus is designed with the tubeless radial urban tires to provide great mileage, road trip and better braking.

Multiplex electronic system

The bus has a modern multiplex electronic system that offers important information about the vehicle that provides a wider scope of the vehicle diagnostics and conditions. The 24 V system has 100 and alternator with a battery capacity of 165Ah.


The safety features like Air Suspension, Anti-lock Breaking System, tubeless tires, Power Steering, Hill hold, Seat Belts and Parking Brakes.

Volvo B7R Bus

This bus is great for the city traffic, untiring and cost-effective. You can get this model in a low floor or low entry version. A medium floor or low-entry version gives you a great solution for your business.


This model has a flat top of the framework that allows efficient body construction and long life. It has a rigid front suspension that provides great comfort and handling with a tight turning circle. The manufacturing of this model ensures the easy service of the vehicle.

B7R is ranked the most fuel-efficient bus in the world. The long service intervals make sure of the low operational cost and high productivity.


It has high passenger capacity with quick entry and exit. The chassis layout ensures the wide doors, wide center allows efficient passenger flow.

The bus has a multiplexed electronics system that checks all the basic functions. All the safety features are checked every time you start the bus.

Drivers and passengers can enjoy the safety as the vehicle is predictable and consistent road behaviour. It has a great range of safety features.

Volvo is one of the largest manufacturers of large buses. It has a great role in shaping the future with safety and environmental care. The company is aimed to provide an innovative solution in improving the routine life of the people of today and tomorrow.

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